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Our Goals

  • Build several homes a year, preferably multi-units so we can support as many families as possible.
  • Raise funds to build safe and affordable homes.
  • Select low-income families who can afford to buy the homes and partner with them to support the transition to successful home ownership.
  • Recruit volunteers and local business sponsors to support our mission and goals.

Our History

Habitat for Humanity Fredericton Area Inc. was established in 1999 and incorporated in 2001, and now serves the northwestern part of New Brunswick. We have completed the building or renovating of 15 homes and are dedicated to adding 1-2 new partner families each year.  In 2010, we opened our ReStore and in 2012 we moved to a larger, more accessible location at 385 Wilsey Road, Fredericton. Restore operations support our build program

How do I buy a home?

Habitat homes are not donated. Partner families purchase them through an interest-free mortgage. Mortgages (depending on home size and location) range from $75,000 to $200,000. They pay 25% of their income towards the mortgage and property taxes. This amount is regularly evaluated and adjusted to reflect changes in income. To qualify, you must be a low-income earner, be in need of adequate housing, be able to afford the housing costs, contribute 500hrs of sweat equity towards building the home, have a home visit and an adequate credit rating. Visit our Apply for a home tab to learn more.

How do I volunteer?

Whether you want to volunteer year-round or just for a day, we have something for you! And you don’t have to be an expert in construction to join us – we need people on our committees, to help out during our fund-raising events, to serve meals on site and of course, to build. Visit our Volunteering tab to see our current openings and events, and to apply to become a volunteer. You can even involve your workplace by purchasing a Corporate “Adopt-a-Day” Team building session!

I have items to give away. Can I donate them to Habitat?

We welcome donations of leftover new and good, used building materials that we can sell at our ReStore to raise funds to support future builds. If you have siding, paint, doors, windows, tiles, light fixtures, etc… please contact us at 462-4881 to arrange a pick-up. Please call the ReStore to discuss your donation.

How can I help Habitat financially?

Please feel free to donate anytime!

Cheques can be mailed to:
Habitat for Humanity Fredericton
PO Box 643
Fredericton, NB E3B 5A6

Each donation is tax receiptable. If you have a home or property you would consider donating, please call the executive director at (506) 474-1520.


Wheels and Deals Hug of the Week goes to Dr. Pyke and her amazing team of volunteers (including Dr. Lance Schaefer and Dr. Matt Moore) saw 69 patients and provided over $16,500 worth of free dentistry.

Well, the Second Annual Dentistry From The Heart event has come and gone! Once again, it was an awesome day of teamwork, smiles, and great experiences.  Dr. Pyke and her amazing team of volunteers (including Dr. Lance Schaefer and Dr. Matt Moore) saw 69 patients and provided over $16,500 worth of free dentistry.  Opened our doors at 7:30 a.m. Friday, May 1st and worked straight through until 6 p.m. We are so grateful to be able to use our skills and time to give back to our community, and we have to give a huge shout out to our sponsors whose generous contributions allowed us to do so:

–Patterson Dental and Henry Schein Dental, who donated filling material and other dental supplies.
–Crest Oral-B and the New Brunswick Dental Society, who donated toothbrushes, floss, and other oral health items for our patient “goody bags”.
–Ross Drug, who donated medications and offered a discount on prescriptions.
–Pita Pit, who donated lunch for the volunteers and coupons for the goody bags.
–Evolve Fitness at Kingswood, who donated free fitness coupons for the goody bags.
–Tim Hortons, who supplied free coffee and Timbits for the patients as they waited for treatment.
–Coveys, who donated posters for the event.

And most of all, thank you to the patients—you were so wonderful to treat and patient throughout the long day!

The most exciting news to come out of the day is that several other dentists in the Fredericton area are thinking of hosting their own events next year, so the movement is definitely snowballing. Together, we can greatly improve the oral health of our community!

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 10.38.21 AM

(Back row): Tiffani Fowler, Dr. Lance Schaefer, Dawn Estey, Darrel Pyke, Dr.
Susan Pyke, Sharon Bridges, Wendy Taylor, Sarah Robinson, Jodey Thomas.

(Front row): Jen Lalonde, Laura McCallum, Tracy Chafe, Dawn Cole, Lori
Seymour, Jessica Fowler, Marilyn McKnight. Missing from photo Dr. Matt Moore

The Carriage Place Dental Centre is dedicated to helping you achieve the brighter, whiter, healthier smile you want. We are located in uptown Fredericton, and we offer high quality dentistry for the entire family. The Carriage Place Dental Centre focuses on preventive care, and our goal is to make your dental experience as comfortable as possible.

Whether you’re looking to teach your child about the importance of oral hygiene, to have your teeth whitened or cleaned, or to receive an entire smile makeover, the Carriage Place Dental Centre has the services you need.

Dr. Susan Pyke and her team offer patients the skills and technology to not only diagnose and treat your dental needs, but also to educate. We really take the time to listen to our patients’ concerns and tailor our treatment recommendations accordingly. We offer a comfortable waiting room with complimentary beverages, newspapers, television, and current popular magazines to keep our patients relaxed and entertained.

We want to be the Fredericton dentist for you! Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any concerns!

Carriage Place Dental Centre
900 Hanwell Road
Fredericton, New Brunswick
(506) 472-1445


Businesses growing Business TEC 390/391 Interview TEC Chair Mike Mallory and TEC Member Jim Gilbert CHCDTV

“Work on your business, Not in your business”.  TEC gives business Leaders the Unfair Advantage…  What is TEC, how can being in a successful peer group grow your business. Watch and listen from the inside – out, what do winners talk about? …Learning, Doing, Hugging…

  short version of CHCDTV interview (5 min)

 Full Interview (15 min)

The TEC Advantage

The TEC advantage is our proven leadership development model created from extensive research, insight from thousands of members, and decades of work with senior executives.

The power of TEC membership is found in four core areas: Confidential Group, One-to-One Mentorship, Business Thought Leadership and Global Membership.

Confidential Group

Enhance and grow your leadership abilites through confidential group meetings with innovative senior leaders, led by an accomplished Chair. In your TEC Canada group you will:

  • Connect with a diverse, trusted group of successful peers committed to helping advance your business
  • Get direct, honest, unbiased feedback from your group members as you challenge and inspire each other
One-to-One Mentorship

Mentorship is a critical element of leadership development. Through one-to-one meetings with your group Chair, you’ll make detailed plans to achieve your goals:

  • Explore personal, professional and business growth strategies in a challenging yet safe environment
  • Get a new perspective on issues and ideas
  • Be held accountable for achieving what you’ve set out to accomplish
Business Thought Leadership

Bridge the gap between theory and practice with action-oriented insights and MBA-calibre resources:

  • Interact with leading business experts in learning sessions that arm you with action plans you can implement immediately
  • Access real-world best practices, provocative white papers and exclusive HBR content through MyTEC, our local and global member portal
Global Membership

With a global membership of over 19,000 leaders worldwide, our affiliation with Vistage International means the world’s business community is closer than you think:

  • Gain a broader perspective of the global marketplace
  • Expand your business network and identify new opportunities for growth
  • Meet face-to-face with fellow TEC/Vistage members at regular global conferences

Wheels and Deals Cruise Ship Winners for April are Debbie and Ashley Goodine

Every month during 2015, Wheels and Deals will be giving away a free Caribbean Cruise to a lucky customer. Cruise is drawn monthly from vehicle purchases that month. Changes are great and the cruise is Huggable..

You could win a Free Cruise
Win with Canada’s Huggable Car Dealer 

Caribbean Cruise winner Leslie Phillips Booty’s Big Scoop, Wheels and Deals Giving Away a Cruise a Month n 2015

You all love free, how about a free Caribbean Cruise, Enjoy your Experience at Canada’s Huggable Car Dealer and you could even get a chance to cruise the Caribbean on us..

April's  customer Dana and Ian Dickison draw Leslie Phillips Free Cruise Ticket
April’s customer Dana and Ian Dickison draw Leslie Phillips Free Cruise Ticket

Caribbean Cruise winner Leslie Phillips Booty’s Big Scoop Wheels and Deals Giving Away a Cruise a Month n 2015…

Wayne Jagoe Catalyst Of Change & Idea Agent on CHCDTV with Jim Gilbert Wheels and Deals

Enacity | The Un Agency

Wayne Jagoe is the founder of Enacity | The Un-Agency™, a non-traditional creative firm that helps underdogs change the world by battling the bigger guys on their own terms. Wayne does this by thinking outside of the box leveraging Innovation Insight™, a strategic & tactile Innovation process, BrainStorming 2.0™, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ workshops, seminars and a variety of proprietary methodology and materials.

Wayne was also the founder of The Belton Group – An Ideas Company located in Fredericton & Vancouver and created the first online Dining Guide in Atlantic Canada, DineAid.Com in 1997 [Precursor to Yelp] which was later sold to Kostuch Publication in 2003.

Wayne graduated from St. Andrews Community College, where he won the Judson Food Creativity Award and Student of The Year. Wayne’s culinary background and personality led him to be featured on The Leading Edge television series, appear as Guest Chef on Maritimes Today and then later on CBC Television with his own cooking segment, Cooking 101.

In 2004 Wayne wrote his first book, Eat This! Observations of Successful Restaurateurs, based on his experiences in the Hospitality Industry.

Wayne is currently writing his next book, Customer-Centered Sex… Give Your Customers What They Really Want!

Janelle Fraser, International Speaker, Trainer, & Success Coach on CHCDTV with Jim Gilbert Canada’s Huggable Car Dealer. Learn about Janelle and enjoy one of the most rewarding journeys of your life and we guarantee it!

What is the difference between happy and unhappy people or successful and unsuccessful people? What separates the leaders from the followers? Is there any area of your life you want to experience more happiness and success? Are you interested in being a leader that people love to follow?

The answer is simple… It’s all in your thinking. You may not believe me yet, but that’s what my other clients said just before they realized the impact of their thoughts on their reality. The genuinely happy, wildly successful, and dynamic leaders of today have a mind-set that is different from the general population and it is this distinction that has allowed them to rise to the top.
Janelle firmly believes that coaching is a “do-with” process as there is nothing she can do-to-you to magically get the life you want. A coach is simply a tour guide (highly skilled with a few tricks up their sleeve) and works with the client to get the desired results. Together you and Janelle will design a coaching plan that fits your needs and goals.

The following may be a new way of looking at personal and professional development, but if you really want results you will have to consider this. If your knowledge on the unconscious mind is limited please refer to “What is heck is my unconscious mind” for further understanding. After all, your unconscious mind keeps you alive!

Can you remember a time where you made a conscious decision to change a behavior, or act differently? Of all the times you have done this, how many of those changes actually lasted (be honest)? Not many! This is because you were making conscious change and all behavior, change, and learning is unconscious and therefore, we need to work with both the conscious and unconscious mind to create lasting change. This contributes to the reason Janelle is comfortable guaranteeing her results as a coach.

Janelle guarantee’s your results when you hire her as your coach; based on her experience her clients always get results (which is relatively unheard of in the coaching community). What this means is that she has strict selection criteria for personal clients. Therefore, individuals interested in personal coaching must be serious about taking their personal or professional development to the next level and must be willing to do whatever it takes to move themselves past their obstacles.

“I do not believe in “quick fixes” or “temporary” solutions which is why I very rarely do 1 session. However, it is very common my clients are achieving results after only 1 session. My private clients are committed to their results and can expect to invest 4-5 figures depending on the value and results they wish to obtain. All coaching relationships are unique”

Book a Strategy Session with Janelle

Contact us today for more information at 506-261-1661 or

  • International Speaker, Trainer, & Success Coach
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming Board Certified Trainer & Master Practitioner
  • Time Line Therapy® Board Certified Trainer & Master Practitioner
  • Hypnotherapy Board Certified Instructor & Master Hypnotist
  • NLP Coaching Board Certified Trainer & Master Coach
  • University Degree: Kinesiology & Psychology
  • Certified Yoga Instructor

What we do best at Mayday Fine Print Marilyn Wilson, Jamie Rickard on CHCDTV Jim Gilbert

Welcome to Mayday Group

There are many companies who are experiencing difficulty standing out, retaining customers and being remembered. As a result, they are not allowing their business to reach it’s true potential.

At Mayday Group Inc., we’ve got solutions.

We produce professional printing on time and on budget. With our experienced and dedicated staff, you will find it easier than ever to have your printing needs done. Whether you prefer to use your own design, choose from thousands of templates on our website, or wish to have help creating a custom design – we offer all of these services to you.

But that’s not all. We have over 100,000 items that would look great imprinted with your logo or message. Pens, mugs & tote bags are just a few products we provide that are perfect for giveaways, store promotions and trade shows.

We’re here to help. Contact us and we will find a way to ensure that You’re Remembered.

 Contact Us
(506) 452-1007
info@maydayfineprint.comStamps & Signs
(506) 452-1007
Sales & Marketing
(506) 470-7924 (470-SWAG)
sales@maydayfineprint.comAccounting – AR / AP
accounts@maydayfineprint.comLocation, Contact Numbers & Directions
Unit 15, 385 Wilsey Rd.
Fredericton, NB  E3B 5N6
Tel: (506) 452-1007
Fax: (506)  458-9652



Michelle Hunter more than just talking, Michelle is doing. Assisting Erica and Chris Saunders, we all need a Hugging hand from time to time.

Michelle Hunter, her former colleague and friend, started a fundraising campaign for the family last Friday. In the first five days it’s raised more than $1,500. The goal is $4,000.


Saunders family

Erica Saunders, 25, needs a life-saving heart surgery. The operation is scheduled for March 27, and it will be the third one the mother of three and recent newlywed will have undergone.

The Fredericton native was born with aortic stenosis, which caused her main heart valve not to develop. At age 11, she underwent her first surgery. The second took place four years ago when she received a bovine valve replacement. It gave her 21⁄2 years of great health, she said.

Then she became pregnant with her third child. The additional blood flow during her pregnancy placed too much strain on the valve. It’s left her short of breath and the smallest of exertion is potentially deadly, she said.

“I’m on complete bed rest. The valve could let go at any time now,” she said.

Now, Saunders said, she’s waiting for her next surgery, which will reconstruct her aortic tissue and aortic valve.

Her declining health forced her to stop working last October. Her medical employment insurance has since run out. Chris Saunders, her husband, works full time but they’re struggling financially.

“It’s really not something I should be worrying about because my blood pressure is high already,” she said.

“People say they don’t want to go to work, but I would love to be able to go to work. As soon as I get healed, I will be right back to work.”

Chris Saunders is feeling the strain. He worries about whether she’s okay while he’s at work, he said.

The family moved from Fredericton to Saint John after he had a job transfer. She said it’s difficult to be away from Fredericton because many of their family members and friends are here.

“The one bonus is that the heart centre’s here,” Erica Saunders said.

She worries about dying and almost didn’t survive her last operation, she said, noting she was pronounced clinically dead and was revived by her surgeon on the operating table.

“All of a sudden my heart stopped. My surgeon tried everything to get my heart started again. He had to reopen the incision and put a metal clamp in to spread the valve open to save my life,” Saunders said.

“Surgery isn’t what scares me. It’s not knowing if I’m going to wake up.”

She and her husband have spent a lot of time talking about what could happen if the surgery isn’t successful. Chris Saunders said that’s included a conversation about the possibility she might not survive the operation.

“I’ve had to make plans that I shouldn’t have to make at our age. We moved from Fredericton to Saint John a little over a year ago and our support system is in Fredericton and my immediate family is in Philadelphia,” he said.

They’ve been together nine years but just got married in December. She too worries about what will happen to her husband and their girls if she doesn’t make it, she said.

“He said, ‘What happens if this is the last few weeks we have together?’ I don’t know how to answer that. How do I comfort him knowing I have the same fear?”

Their three daughters are seven, five and 18 months. She and her husband are trying to be strong for their children. Mackenzie and Jordyn will be going to Pennsylvania to be with her husband’s parents while their youngest, Peyton, remains at home with her dad.

Michelle Hunter, her former colleague and friend, started a fundraising campaign for the family last Friday. In the first five days it’s raised more than $1,500. The goal is $4,000.

That money will be used to help the couple pay bills and for childcare for their baby while she’s recovering from the operation and he’s working.

Hunter said she hopes donations will take the financial pressure off the family.

“Going from two full-time incomes down to one with three children is very hard,” Hunter said.

The couple said they’re grateful for the financial and emotional support they’re receiving as they go through this difficult time.

Chris Saunders said they don’t like to ask people for help but the financial contributions people are making is helping take some of the burden from them at this time.

For more information about the Saunders family or to make a donation please go to:

Help The Saunders Family

Imagine being a mother and not being able to see your 3 young children for 3 months. Erica Saunders is going through her 3rd major heart surgery and is only 25 years old. Her doctor put her off in October 2014 and her medical EI has run out. Her husband works full time and provides the best he…
WOW, can’t thank you enough for this opportunity, we are lucky to have you as part of our community. My email is and my work numberis 206-6003or cell is 471-7926. Words cant express how I feel!!!

Your Mortgage Professor Pam Nierlich (Mortgage Broker) , with Jim Gilbert CHCDTV

Pam Neirlich

Home Financing 101 – The things they don’t teach you in school.

Where outlining your financial future is as simple as drawing on a chalk board.   Call to book your one on one,  a class where there are no stupid questions. You will learn:  what you need to qualify,  how much it will cost and the dynamics of how a mortgage works.  Don’t make such an important decision without the education.

Pam Nierlich

Premiere Mortgage Centre Inc.

Phone: 506.472.6645

Mobile: 506.449.9190

Fax: 506.472.3496


927 Prospect St, Fredericton , New Brunswick  E3B 2T7

Allison Hill (Ripped Angel) , Atlantic Classic Body Building and Figure Championships, Wheels and Deals Sponsorship

Allison Hill (Ripped Angel) , Body Building and Figure Championships Wheels and Deals

Canada’s Huggable Car Dealer , Jim Gilbert’s Wheels and Deals is excited to sponsor  Allison Hill in her quest to dominate the Atlantic Figure Championship. Allison and her husband Jared are life long friends of the Gilbert family. Jared Hill and Alex Gilbert have been best friends since they were in diapers. We wish Allison great success and feel honoured that she gave Team Wheels and Deals the opportunity to sponsor her and be part of her success storey.. Hugs to you Allison….

poster (1)

History of the Atlantic Classic Championships by Garry Bartlett

History of the Atlantic Classic Championships by Garry Bartlett

Even though it was thirty five years ago, I remember it as clearly as yesterday. Sitting in my car and driving to Moncton, I could hardly contain my excitement at the thought of competing in the 1978 Maritime Bodybuilding Championships. In the past 35 years since my first bodybuilding competition I had become very good friends with Dieppe’s Ron Gaudet, Mike Aube, and Ti-Jean LeBlanc. We had all gotten together and re-organized the New Brunswick Bodybuilding Association electing Ron as President and me in the position of Secretary-Treasurer. Being from Fredericton and speaking only English I had very little in common with Ron, Jean, and Mike who all were French but treated me like royalty. In spite of our different cultural backgrounds, our mutual love and passion for bodybuilding had brought us together.

35 years ago Ti-Jean wins first Atlantics

In those days there were no fancy commercial gyms, most of us trained at our local YMCA, which in most cases were poorly equipped. However, the boys in Dieppe really had it together, and had transformed an old school into a first rate workout facility. It was called the “Dieppe Bodybuilding Studio” and along with Ron, Jean, and Mike I had some of my most inspirational workouts there!

Following his 1975 New Brunswick Bodybuilding Championship win Ti-Jean was just beginning his career as one of the best amateur bodybuilders in Canada. He competed in his first Canadian Nationals in Calgary, Alberta in 1977. Unfortunately, Ti-Jean entered the competition far too bulky and was outclassed by the much better conditioned competitors. It was obvious that Jean required more contest experience.

1979 Atlantics Garry Bartlett, Steve Howe, Robert Basque

So under Ron’s leadership the Dieppe Bodybuilding club decided to promote the very first Maritime Bodybuilding Championships in the spring of ’78 at the Mathieu Martin High School. I suspected that the show was motivated by Jean’s need to get more contest experience before hitting the national stage again. The competition was open to anyone in the Atlantic region. Up until 1978 there were no officially recognized Atlantic competitions; although there had been a few inter provincial competitions in the 60’s where athletes from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick participated such as Saint John’s Norm Wickens and Bob McDerrmot.

As I got closer to Moncton my excitement and anticipation grew, and with good reason! Ron had told me that 1977 Mr. Canada and Mr. Universe Roy Callender would be guest posing. Jimmy Caurso, the worlds top physique photographer and IFBB General Secretary Winston Roberts would also be on hand to officiate and oversee the event. For anyone who loved bodybuilding as much as I did, it was shaping up to be a dream weekend.

1978 Atlantic Ticket

I had been training very hard for the past year, but when I got a look at Ti-Jean back stage, it was game over. Jean had literally transformed his former bulky physique into a chiseled work of art. He had won the first Maritime Championship title long before stepping on stage.

I lost a close decision in the tall class to Dieppe’s big Moe LeBlanc who just over powered me with his mass. Being intensely competitive I took the loss hard but it only served strengthen my resolve to get better.

In those early days we called it the Maritime Championships, which later was changed to the Atlantic Bodybuilding Championships. I was as outspoken in those days as I am today. I have always voiced my opinions freely and bragged that I could do a first rate job of promoting the Atlantic’s in Fredericton! So Ron, Ti-Jean and Mike challenged me to put on the show! Along with my good friend Bryon Webber we promoted the 1979 Maritime bodybuilding Championships at the Nashwaaksis Junior High School in Fredericton.

1978 Atlantics

This contest turned to be a defining event in the history of the Atlantic Bodybuilding as this was the first time athlete from Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick all participated at the same competition. It was at this show that I met Bob and Marie Jay who shared the same passion for bodybuilding as I did. Bob and Marie were responsible for bringing bodybuilding to Prince Edward Island in the 80’s and early 90’s. Fredericton’s ripped Steven Howe went on to win the overall in a pose down against Bathurst’s Robert Basque and myself. I was elated that I had won the Middleweight division.

Bob and Marie Jay went on to form the PEI Bodybuilding Association and along with Nova Scotia’s John MacLellan and Harry Alexander who represented Nova Scotia the Atlantic Region now had some strong leaders. Bob and Marie were anxious to promote the sport on the island so they were encouraged to host the 1980 Maritime Championships in Charlottetown. A first for the Island, the competition was a huge success with New Brunswick’s awesome Robert Basque winning the overall title.

1982 Atlantics Moe LeBlanc & Debbie Howe

The name was subsequently changed to “The Atlantic Bodybuilding Championships” with the 1981 championship heading to Halifax, Nova Scotia. We now had a truly Atlantic event which was officially recognized by the Canadian Bodybuilding Federation as one of the most prestigious regional events in Canada. In fact the Atlantics was made an official qualifier for the Canadian Nationals.

Around this time I met and became good friends with Dieppe’s Len Collette who was a keen bodybuilding fan and offered his services to help the New Brunswick Association. Fortunately, Len came along at the right time as current President Ron Gaudet had stepped down, leaving us in a difficult situation. Always looking for a challenge, Len stepped up offering his services as president.

1982 Len Collette & Moe LeBlanc

He was perfect for the position, as he traveled throughout the province and had the opportunity to stop at every gym to spread the word on New Brunswick Bodybuilding. Under Len’s competent & enthusiastic leadership, New Brunswick Bodybuilding prospered with our association becoming one of the most stable and highly respected in Canada. In the early 80’s and 90’s the Atlantic Championships were circulated around Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick. In 1982 the Atlantic’s returned to New Brunswick and was promoted by the Moncton Police Association at the Hotel Beausejour with Dieppe’s hometown favorite Moe LeBlanc taking the overall title.

For the next 14 years the Atlantic’s alternated between the three Maritime Provinces with many memorable and historic battles being fought. Some of these winners such as Bruce Patterson, Sandy Ridout, Ti-Jean LeBlanc, Mike Griffin, Keith Langford, Bob Taylor, Billy Mackie, Adrian Noel, Billy Mackie and Greg Doucette all went on to do very well nationally.

1996 Atlantics Bill Mackie

In 1995 the CBBF made a new policy eliminating regional championships as a national qualifier allowing athletes to qualify directly from their provincial championships. Our prestigious Atlantic Championships was now in jeopardy and no longer of significant value to competitors needing to qualify for the Nationals. Not wanting to see the end to such a great regional event, New Brunswick President Len Collette was convinced that if the show continued, then athletes would still compete. He felt that a lot of Atlantic competitors would still would enjoy competing inter provincially in a friendly competitive atmosphere.

The test came in 1996 when the NBABBA under Len’s leadership promoted and renamed the championship to The Atlantic Classic Bodybuilding Championships. His vision proved to be correct, as this event was a huge success with Nova Scotia’s Bill Mackie walking away with the Overall title. The Atlantic Classic had now found a home in the Moncton area and continued to grow for the next eleven years. When Len stepped down as President in 2006 our favorite spring competition was once again in jeopardy. Fortunately, the husband and wife team of Ti-Jean & Heather LeBlanc stepped up to the plate and promoted a very successful championship in 2007.

1997 Atlantics Stephanie Wood & Danny Lanteigne

The spring of 2008 featured a fantastic 30th special anniversary Atlantic Championship promoted once again by Ti-Jean and Heather. Feedback from this competition was that it was the most fun and smoothest run bodybuilding and fitness event in Atlantic Canada’s thirty year history. Obviously, Ti-Jean and Heather’s hard work and passion for this long running competition has benefited many Atlantic athletes, fans, and sponsors as it continues to grow in size and importance. With this year’s 2013 35th anniversary event, I am anxiously looking forward to see what surprises Ti-Jean and Heather  have in store for us on April 13th!

Both Ti-Jean and I stood on stage as competitors back in 1978 and how appropriate that our love and passion for bodybuilding has enabled us to provide the same competitive opportunity for those who are willing to experience the thrill of flexing and displaying what they have worked so hard to achieve in the many hours spent in the gym. Jean and I are honored to be able to capture the same excitement and spirit for you guys that we shared over 35 years ago when we stood on the exact same stage. In Ti Jean’s case it is even more significant as 35 years ago he proudly hoisted the very first Atlantic Championship Overall trophy over his head in victory.

1998 Atlantics Len Collette, Fitima Hanna, Mike Griffin & Garry Bartlett

Driving to Moncton that day 35 years ago, I could never have imagined how far the journey would be! As I reminisce about all the Atlantic competitions I have witnessed and been a part off. I can’t help but think how lucky I have been. So many fond memories, numerous friends, exciting competitions, and shared laughs. Cherished things that money can’t buy. As I look over the long list of Atlantic winners I am saddened to see that some are no longer with us. It has been a great journey thanks to so many great Atlantic bodybuilders, fans and supporters.

I leave you with this advice, particularly for those of you who are competing this year. Savior and enjoy every moment, the time will go by in a blink of an eye, and someday you will also be wondering, where has the time gone? I just hope you will have the precious Treasure chest of memories to share with your loved ones that I have!

Local Angel Taking on the World Designing Clothing as Ripped Angel Active Apparel, Allison Hill

Allison Hill  S.F.L.

Ripped Angel Active Apparel    Shopping & Retail

Ripped Angels from behind Ripped angel 2 girls

Ripped angel 1 girl

Tights feature a nice wide band at the top that can also be folded down. NEW prints to be released all the time!!! Accepting cash or e-transfer will SHIP!

Amazing pants. Love the colour. Love the fit. I run, squat, jump, skip, hop and everything else in these pants and they DON’T MOVE. It’s like working out naked. Lol. I’m a bigger girl with short legs and these still worked amazing. Going to the gym as a bigger person is scary enough. Once you have the right cloths to help you look and feel amazing, you won’t be able to stay away from the gym. I’ve had so many positive comments about them. Now I’m saving up for another pair. The hardest part is picking out the next colour lol..

Visit “Allison and enjoy Ripped Angel Apparel at  at 411 St. Mary’s St. Across from WheeLs and Deals