“Expectation leads to creation. What are you shining the light on in your dark room or someone else’s?” 

Expectation Leads to Creation

Whatever we shine our light on, that’s what’s going to become more observant. More thought process to us, what we’re thinking about. When you’re going throughout your day and throughout your week, whether it’s personally or for someone else, what are you shining the light on? Do you always shine the light on that little thing you, maybe, did wrong? But the other 15 hours you’re awake, you did billion things right. Did you shine the light on something someone else did wrong? But the other 99 things, they did right. 

We just got to watch what we’re always shining a light on because those expectations do become reality. We’re going to find which we’re looking for. 

When you’re thinking about this week, let’s look to shine that light on the positive of the week. The good that happens in the world, the good that’s going on in Fredericton, the good in yourself. Everyone does fantastic things. And there’s something in everyone that is fantastic and great. Try to find the good in yourself. You’re probably a great person. You work hard, in certain aspects, is try to find that. 

Shine the light on the positive. I hope going at this week, you can maybe just create a little bit more positivity, more awesomeness by trying to focus on and shining light on those positive things, the good things, the healthy things. I hope we motivate you this week to do that. Have a Huggable Day.

Copied from Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays


“The Final Quarter is Here.”

Yes, the final quarter of 2019 is here. December 31st, the first week of January, I’m sure you set off to light the world on fire, and have you followed through? Have you completed some of those goals? Some may have, some may have not, but whether you did or didn’t, there’s still a quarter left. 

There’s no reason to wait until January 1st, 2020 to reset your goals. You have three months to finish off anything you want to do, complete it in 2019 and make it your journey. You don’t have to talk about the first three quarters if you didn’t do great. You talk about the last quarter. 

Just finish the year strong with your goals, your growth in life, your positivity, and I hope you Have a Huggable Week.

Copied from Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays

Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays Sep.30’19

“The most important thing is to look ahead, the past is your anchor.”

I think that’s a fantastic thought as you’re going into your Monday or going into your week. Whether it’s something negative, or even with something like a goal you’ve set, two, three, four years ago. Something that you’re holding on to, that’s not letting you achieve that next step. 

There’s always something bigger and greater, not that you always have to be going higher and higher, but there’s always some growing that’s going to take place. 

So make sure this week you’re not holding onto something negative from the past that’s affecting you from not being happier, going after something you want. But also make sure you’re not holding onto something positive. Maybe a goal you hit two years ago, but you haven’t set a new goal because you may not hit the new goal. 

Look forward, keep on growing. Keep on moving and let go of the past. Have a Huggable Week.

Copied from Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays

Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays Sep.23’19

“You don’t ever get knocked down or fail unless you decide to stay down.”

First I want to apologize for missing last weeks’ Motorvational Monday. Like I say, I have an excuse but really it’s just lack of preparation on my part. That’s what leads us into the Motorvational Monday today…sometimes we get going, we get doing stuff and we slip up. You stop doing it for one day, maybe a week, or something, and a lot of the times that puts you in a spiral and you just completely stop. 

But the thing is, everyone’s going to fall down, you’re going to forget to do something, you’re going to have a great habit going and it’s going to break at some point. You can still pick up and restart. It doesn’t mean you lost everything you were doing, you didn’t lose everything you gained, it’s just a reset and a refresh.

I think it’s important on this Motorvational Monday to realize it’s okay to fall down. It’s okay to have a glitch, to have a hiccup, life’s probably still going to continue on. The best thing is you don’t ever get knocked down or fail unless you decide to stay down, decide to stop doing it or fully quit while you’re doing that as a positive thing. 

I hope we motivated you this Monday to restart something you stopped, don’t feel like you’re a failure and just keep on going with it.

Have a Huggable Day.

Copied from Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays

Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays Sep.9, 2019

“Notice how trees do not cling to their leaves. They let go of the old to make way for the new.” 

Everything in life is always changing. As you grow, as you become a different person, there’s many things in life that grow with you and stay, but also at times you’ve just got to release those things and make a change for the new. It doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, it doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. It’s just something that sometimes you have to do. 

So just like the trees let go of their leaves, the beautiful fall comes, they turn a beautiful bright colour, and then they just let them go and they make way for new things, is we’ve got to always be sometimes letting go of the old or sometimes the negative in our life, and see what positive can come. 

You know, change sometimes it is scary; however, it does make a change and it lets that more positive or something new come into your life that could change your whole world.

 I hope we motivated you today to let go of some of the negatives, some of the things that maybe aren’t making the positive change in your life, just open up the ways to maybe something new will come in and make you feel fabulous. Have a Huggable Day.

Copied from Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays

Family Fun“Instead of everyone doing the

Family Fun“Instead of everyone doing their own thing, we’re all enjoying the same experience and having a lot of fun together. It puts a smile on everyone’s face, we love it!” “We are your New Brunswick Pedego Dealer” book your free test ride, call today

Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays Sep.2, 2019

“Don’t let your hard work during the week go to waste on the weekend.”

I think that leads us to a perfect point for a long weekend Monday, is you work so hard on your goals that you’ve written down, you’ve been thinking about. Whether that’s personal, financial, or health goals is you work so hard on those this week, during the week, and then sometimes a weekend comes and it’s just, poof. People almost forget the goals were there. 

The goal still exists during the weekend. You know, they may need to be modified some, to let you have fun on the weekend. But you still have to allot that time and we have an extra day on the weekend. 

Today is a Monday. Take time to enjoy life, but also keep some of that allotment for the goals you worked so hard for last week. 

I hope we motivated you today to keep concentrating on your goals, even when it’s a weekend or a long weekend. Have a Huggable Day.

Copied from Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays

2020 kawasaki KX 250 the MOST POWERFUL 4

2020 kawasaki KX 250 the MOST POWERFUL 4-STROKE KX250 TO DATE  Designed to continue its history of winning, the new 2020 KX250 features a number of updates, including: – NEW ENGINE – increased power, even more potent high-rpm range, & a higher rev limit


2020 MULE PRO-FX EPS LE… TRANSFORM THE WAY YOU WORK … Powered by an 812cc fuel-injected In-Line Triple, the MULE PRO-FXT and PRO-FX are designed with the muscle to get the job done.  A combination of performance, durability, and advanced technology make the Kawasaki MULE your most dependable outdoor partner.

Fuel injection introduced to the tough y

Fuel injection introduced to the tough yet compact platform of the MULE SX. Benefiting from easier starting and smoother power delivery, the fuel injected engine remains steadfastly reliable and has the might to pursue a variety of jobs. Whether working hard or playing hard, the Mule SX is the compact utility vehicle of choice for its rugged construction, agile handling and exceptional durability.
36 months factory limited warranty.

Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays Aug.26’19

Today we have Gair Maxwell, going to Motorvate you on this lovely Monday morning.


Chelsea,  I think deep down you’ve got all of the Motorvation inside you from your hockey days. You were a hockey player. You played for the last 14 years and you played a pretty good level of hockey, if I’m not mistaken, I know you’re a little modest about it. You played for Team New Brunswick, then Canada Games twice and Senior Nationals three times. 

So we can say in many respects you’re a hockey expert.

Three things from hockey that I think are so crucial here on Motorvational Mondays. Forecheck, Backcheck, Paycheck. Here’s how it plays out.

Forecheck. Those are all the pro-active things you got to do in business and life. You’ve got to be thinking forward. You got to be doing things for other people, spreading the good karma. That’s the Forecheck, right? You’ve got to be a good person. You’ve got to be giving, charitable. There’s all kinds of stuff you can do on the Forecheck.
The Backcheck is all the loose ends, and the spinning plates, and all the details, all the stuff that falls through the cracks.Life, right? All this stuff you actually got to get done.
The Forecheck. The Backcheck. 
The more you can Forecheck and Backcheck, the better chance you have
of getting a better Paycheck.

Those are the things that we wanted to share today on Chelsea’s Motorvational Monday. Have a Huggable Week.

Copied from Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays

Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays Aug.19’19

“Lack of direction, not lack of time is the problem, we all have 24 hours in a day.”

I am a little late coming to you this morning, but that is absolutely true. Everyone’s got the same amount of time, yet some people accomplish so much more. 

It’s not the lack of time. It’s a lack of our direction with our time. Choose your time wisely as you go through your week. What are you wasting some time doing so that you can get more proactive stuff done.

Hope we motivated you today to think about your time this week and where you’re using it or maybe where you’re wasting it. 

Have a Huggable Day.

Copied from Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays

2020 Kawasaki Brute Force 750 Best ever review…

I’m going to do a review of the 2020 Kawasaki Brute Force. 

Hi there. My name is Seth Van Horn, from Jim Gilbert’s Wheels and Deals.

The aggressive stance of the Brute Force

Let’s start at the front of the ATV, where we can see the aggressive stance of the Brute Force, which boasts nine and a half inches of ground clearance.   The front independent double wishbone suspension with adjustable preload offers over six and a half inches of travel to eat up anything your trail has to throw at it

2020 Kawasaki Brute Force 750

As we move up, we find something some manufacturers are forgetting about these days and we see a solid steel front cargo rack that holds up to 88 pounds of gear. Kawasaki knows how important it is for the rider to be able to carry all their gear on their back road adventures, and ensures you have the capability to bring everything.

2020 Kawasaki Brute Force 750

When we move to the right side of the bike, we can see the out of the way ignition and gear selector, equipped with high-range, low-range, and reverse.

The blacked-out clutch cover hides the super dependable compact CVT transmission. This automatic transmission is equipped with Kawasaki engine braking, to give riders confidence in descending steep declines, and offers big responsive power in all forward and reverse gears.

The easy-to-access fuel filler cap leads you to the huge 19-liter fuel tank, which means you are free to ride your Brute Force all day long without worrying if you’re going to run out.

2020 Kawasaki Brute Force 750

At the back of the Brute Force, we see another solid steel cargo rack, capable of holding a staggering 176 pounds of cargo, just in case the front rack wasn’t enough. The independent double wishbone rear suspension has adjustable preload, and has a whopping seven and a half inches of travel so you know your ride is going to be smooth no matter what the trail throws at you. Under these beefy springs and a-arm, we see the industry-leading sealed multi-disc rear braking system exclusive to Kawasaki.

2020 Kawasaki Brute Force 750

This system is virtually maintenance-free, and makes sure you always have stopping power in any conditions regardless of ice, snow, mud, and water. Under the seat, we can get a look at the easy-to-access battery compartment, the air breather box, and the clutch exhaust, all way up in the air to make sure everything stays high and dry.  Saving the best for last, let’s have a look at the controls and digital read-out of the Brute Force. This ATV has selectable two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, and a unique on-demand variable differential lock, so you can control how much torque is delivered to the front wheels.  

Watch the best ever 2020 Kawasaki Brute Force Review by Seth VanHorne

The digital readout has speedometer, odometer, trip meter, fuel gauge, engine temperature, clock and hour meter, indicator lamps for neutral, reverse gear, two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, a belt indicator, and oil warnings. If all of this isn’t enough and you want additional comfort, you can choose the EPS or Electronic Power Steering models. It has all the same features, with the addition and comfort of all day long, one-hand steering capabilities. The 2020 Kawasaki Brute Force is backed by a full one-year Kawasaki Strong warranty, and coupled with the beastly fuel injected 750 CC motor, and wear-resistant nylon bushings, you can be assured you have a low-maintenance ATV capable of tackling any terrain or adventure you can think of.

2020 Kawasaki Brute Force 750
I hope you enjoyed my review of the 2020 Kawasaki Brute Force 750. Please feel free to stop in and see what I have to offer, at 402 St. Mary Street in Fredericton, New Brunswick, 
Seth VanHorne
or give me a call. Seth VanHorne (506) 238-3955.

Vespa… why we became a Vespa dealer!

Blame it on

Blame it on The Big Bang – Blame it on Howard – Blame it on Travel – Blame it on Italy…. but Vespa Wheels and Deals is happening and Chelsea Davis and Team Huggable excited to bring you more environment friendly choices….

Blame it on the Big Bang

Blame it on the Big Bang .. Every time Howard Wolowitz rides his scooter on an episode of The Big Bang Theory.. Dawna Gilbert … Chelsea’s mother grins and smiles.. and says I would love to have a Pink Vespa… who can forget Sheldon hanging on for dear life… lol 

the big bang theory


 In Italy, we saw Vespa scooters  everywhere.. they are the #1 mode of transportation for just about every city dweller all through Europe.

Here they buzz there they buzz every where Vespa is buzzing around. 

Wheels and Deals Vespa Fredericton
Wheels and Deals Vespa Fredericton

Maybe because….  they are easy to park and easy on fuel. A Vespa gets between 110 and 160 kilometres per gallon, that’s like 2.3700 litres/100km. As a bonus, Vespa’s fuel economy also helps the environment. 

Can you imagine the gas savings. This along will pay for your new toy.. 

A litre not bought is a a lot of tax savings.. lol…. 

Robbie loves passing by the gas pumps..

Wheels and Deals Vespa at Italian gas station
Wheels and Deals Vespa fun

Or maybe it’s the fun factor…In addition to being eco-friendly, relatively inexpensive and requiring fewer trips to the pump, Vespas also have a fun factor that intrigues their owners. It is just lots of fun zipping around the streets of Fredericton and the back roads of New Brunswick.

Why not become a Vespa family…
make day trips… fun trips…

Or maybe its just because your 14 year old daughter or son can get out and about. Yes, they can drive their scooters on the streets and roads of New Brunswick. 
Vespa  news… responsible young adults that can get mobile sooner…. love to get part time jobs and pay for their own way.  Plus it makes getting to practice a Buzz..

Robbie Hatheway on his Wheels and Deals Vespa
Vespa Fredericton

But Vespa is not just for the young, the young at heart love them too.

Here is what the Zimmermans have to say… “We’ve ridden scooters for five years now and just love it,” Peggy said

Vespa Fredericton New Brunswick

“Both in their sixties, the Zimmermans are retired, although Dennis still works part-time at Enterprise car rental and often rides his Vespa to work. Peggy uses her scooter for small errands and the two frequently take weekend rides around town.


“We definitely get looks because here we are, two older folks on Vespas,” she said. “But we just smile. We get a lot of questions too, about the gas mileage and price mostly. That tells me people are interested, and the popularity will just keep growing.”

Italian for “wasp,” the Vespa is named for the buzzing sound it makes when cruising along city streets. Despite the economy, or perhaps because of it, that buzzing is being heard more and more often.



In addition to Vespa Scooters, Jim Gilbert’s Wheels and Deals also carries Pedego Electric bikes and are Atlantic Canada’s # 1 Kawasaki Selling Dealer, plus they are your Mercury Outboard Motor Dealer, Bennington and Crestliner Pontoon Boat Dealer, Glastron Speed Boat Dealer, Leer Truck Cap Dealer but most of all Jim loves what started it all…. Canada’s Huggable Car Dealer “ Finalist for the BBB Integrity in Business award and Wheels and Deals has been Voted the #1 Used Car Dealer in Fredericton and area every year since 2005.. 

We love what we do and looking after you is our story.. everyone is invited and welcome at Jim Gilbert’s Wheels and Deals… Canada’s Huggable Car and PowerSports Dealer.. Fredericton New Brunswick.. Canada..


There is a Huggable surge in the popularity of high-mileage, low-cost scooters and E-bikes and we are happy to be leading the way.. Trend setting maybe.. long term thinker could be.. Huggable … yes…

Dawna Gilbert.. wanted a Vespa.. she now has a Vespa dealership… 

and Howard you too are invited to stop in anytime…


“Copied from Jim Gilberts Wheels and Deals Blog”

Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays Aug.12, 2019

“You either need inspiration or desperation to make some changes”.

So on this motivating Monday, let’s choose inspiration. Sometimes people wait until in desperation they make those changes in their personal life, their work life, their health, work, just any kind of thing. They wait and then in desperation where there’s an ultimatum given and then they have to do it, and then you’re doing it in kind of a negative way. 

Let’s use inspiration. Let’s use that. Be proactive. Be proactive with changing your health style, so that you don’t get yourselves into that situation. It will lead you into a happier way.

So throughout this week, think of those proactive or inspirational things to change. You want something that if you were given a ultimatum that you would 100% change then lets proactively do it before that ultimatum comes. 

I hope we motivated you today to find your inspiration before the desperation hitsHave a Huggable Day.

Copied from Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays

Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays Aug. 5, 2019

“Growth is Constant.” 

Positive growth, negative growth, in the end it is going to keep changing and going everyday, and just think about the growth that’s gotten you to where you are today. No matter where you’re at, it’s Monday morning. You’re at a certain point in your life where lots of positive things, and possibly negative things, have gotten you there. But, it’s continuous growth. 

Your goal when you were younger is most likely to get your first car. You probably made a plan of action and got it. Your goal might have been to go get a house. You made a plan of action, and you got it. So, you have come a long ways. The growth is there. You got to goals that you didn’t realize you got to, maybe just because it wasn’t written down or on a planned paper, you still got there.

So, think what you could do if you wrote your growth plan on a piece of paper and you had a planned action for your next goal. As we get older, I think we always take some things for granted, and we don’t realize maybe what got us here and try to continue that pattern, just in a more conscious way. 

So, I hope we motivated you to be positive at where you’re at, and realize the growth potential you have for your futureHave a Huggable Day. 

Copied from Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays

Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays July 29, 2019

“Be the best you , you can be.” 

Don’t worry about being the best of anyone else or trying to be the best at everything. I think that’s pretty much impossible, is what’s the you you can be? At the end of the day, at the end of the week when you take a look back, you revisit everything, what would make you feel happy and accomplished about being you? 

Well, work on your strengths, work on your weaknesses and just have a plan in place is how you’re going to grow those things so you feel accomplished for being the best you you can be. It’s not the best that someone else thinks you could be. It’s what do you internally believe is … 

What’s going to make you feel that way and get that wholesome good feeling inside you? So don’t worry so much about what everyone else is thinking. Have a plan in place for yourself so that you can be the best you you can be throughout the world and throughout your life. 

And I think that will just continue to grow into a positive and happier day. Have a Huggable Week.

Copied from Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays

Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays July 22, 2019

“Change your Thoughts, Change your World.”

A fantastic thought really on a Monday. It’s starting the week, it’s sunny out, beautiful, and came off a fantastic weekend. So, every day we choose, every minute we choose what we’re thinking about it. 

Change your Thoughts, Change your World. Think positive, act positive, smile. Even just smiling sometimes when you’re upset, can create that action in your body just to be a little bit more happy, little more thoughtful.

As you’re going throughout your week this week, just think about that. Everything you’re doing, think about your thoughts. What do you think about the thoughts? And just try to change them into more positive, proactive way, just to make yourself happy and others around you. 

 I hope we motivated you today to Change your Thoughts and Change your World. Have a Huggable Week.

Copied from Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays