There’s a vast difference between failure and temporary defeat.

Chelsea’s #Motorvational Wednesdays

Chelsea’s #Motorvational Wednesdays. The quote I’m going to use today actually relates to the #Motorvational segments: “There’s a vast difference between failure and temporary defeat.” I guess I’m making the choice now that I was temporarily defeated when I stopped doing these for a while. At that point in time, did feel like a kind of failure. I missed one or two and then I just didn’t know how to get back on the horse. It’s funny, you kind of read a few quotes and realize, yeah, do you want to know what? It’s my choice.

I have decided that I was not a failure. I was just temporarily defeated, and I’m back on the horse. Anything that maybe you stopped doing and you just don’t know how to start back up and doing it, you’re almost too far behind you think, you’re never too far behind. You can become a professional pianist if you want if you start even at 40, as long as you log the hours. I want to thank you for coming out today to Chelsea’s #Motorvational Wednesday. Remember, you didn’t fail until you chose so. You might’ve just been temporarily defeated.


Is Your Credit Important to You?

Why You buy a car from a WALKAWAY dealer?

When life throws a curve ball at you, are You covered?

I believe car shopping, and especially used car ownership, should be stress free… that is why at Canada’s Huggable Car Dealer we have your back.

Every vehicle purchased from Huggable includes a Walk-Away® protection because we care about you!

Should you lose your job, suffer an major injury, declare bankruptcy, have your license taken away or get transferred overseas, you can walk away from your loan or we will make your payments 
until you’re back on your feet *

You get one year of complimentary WALKAWAY coverage. Within 10 days of purchasing your car you can choose to extend your coverage for the full term with more benefits.Something unexpected happens. You get sick, have an accident, become unemployed or experience another life-changing event and can no longer make your loan or lease payments on your car.You return your car without penalty & depending on your coverage†, you can:

Return your car without penalty or damaging your credit rating.

Keep your car while WALKAWAY covers your payments. 

†Coverage ranges from $7,500 to $25,000.

Walk away protection

You can extend your WALKAWAY protection for the full term of your loan and add more benefits like payment relief or additional covered circumstances.

What you get with WALKAWAY:

Help through the unexpected.
While most plans provide coverage for only one or two life events, WALKAWAY covers many, including loss of employment.

Coverage no matter what your situation.
Everyone qualifies regardless of age, health condition or employment record.

Protection and peace of mind.
WALKAWAY protects your finances, credit rating and your car.

Complimentary first year + extended coverage.
Your first year is already covered – compliments of your dealership. You can choose extended coverage within 10 days of purchasing your car.

View our extended protection plans.

Quick and easy claims.
We’ll do everything it takes to help you when you need it most. Most claims are settled within 30 days.

Finance and lease with confidence. We’ve got your back. Ask the Wheels and Deals staff for complete details on WALKAWAY

Are used cars are lasting longer?

Yes, The rise in the used vehicle market comes as improved quality in the past decade means cars and trucks are lasting much longer, allowing for a potential lifespan of four to six owners from the two or three expected not long ago.

With this in mind we decided to offer a bit older vehicles along with our current very low k, slightly used ones. I still recommend our very low kilometre vehicles as your first choice but I do understand not everyones budget allows this. So as our customers asked we mow offer you more choices (MVI Plus Select) with powertrain warranty along with our Slightly Used Certified Huggable full warranty vehicles . I believe we will do a better job for people compared to others.3e18243b-1273-4ca2-b34c-28ff8c7886d0

“It takes 23 years to remove the vehicles from the road now, a decade ago it only took about 12, so it’s essentially doubled,” said DesRosiers.  Hugs Jim

Jim Gilberts Wheels and Deals

What is important to keep in mind when buying car insurance?

What is important to keep in mind when buying car insurance?

There is big difference between just fire, thief, collision and  all perils. All perils may cost more but in the end you are getting far more protection.  Also ask about the cancellation rules. Every policy has different rules and it’s important to know what they are, otherwise an accident or a couple of tickets could lead to you being dropped.

Here’s a quick rundown of the 10 steps

1. Determine your province’s minimum insurance requirements.
2. Consider your own financial situation in relation to the required insurance and consider whether you need to increase your limits to protect your assets.
3. Review the status of your driving record — do you have any outstanding tickets or points on your driver’s license?
4. Check your current coverage to find out how much you are paying.
5. Get competing quotes from insurance websites and individual companies of interest to you.
6. Make follow-up phone calls to insurance companies to get additional information about coverage.
7. Inquire about discounts.
8. Evaluate the reliability of the insurance companies you’re considering by visiting your province’s insurance department website, reviewing consumer surveys and talking to family and friends.
9. Review the policy before finalizing it.
10. Remember to cancel your old policy.


This is just a guide do your own self diligence. 


Hugs Jim

Ask the Expert, Fredericton Daily Gleaner


What is a Car Proof Report?

 Ask the Expert “Fredericton Daily Gleaner;  Columnist; Jim Gilbert, Tim Lekach 

What is a Car Proof Report?

CarProof is a Canadian provider of vehicle history reports – a critical tool when you’re buying a used vehicle. A CarProof report establishes trust and transparency between a used car buyer and a used car seller by removing the guesswork about a vehicle’s past – replacing it with impartial, accurate and real-time data.


Jim and Tim Sign . CarProof



Is the dealer responsible for proper paperwork?

Q: Tim & Jim; When I buy my vehicle through Wheels and Deals, do I have to take care of the licensing and registration of the vehicle on my own?”

A: No, the licensing and registration of your huggable vehicle is taken care of by our experienced team on your behalf. We even put your plates on for you.

Let people know they are important


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Ask the Expert?   Fredericton Daily Gleaner…

Column by Jim Gilbert & Tim Lekach

Take Advantage of Historically Low Interests rates

Q: Tim & Jim: What will my interest rate be on a vehicle loan?

A: Great question! Interest rates are historically low and best of all you stop paying the interest when you trade or sell. Unlike the hidden 0% that is built into the long term of car loans, That is why when buying used you owe so much less at trade in time.

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Your Financed 

#1 Selling Kawasaki Dealer in N.B. Wheels and Deals Powers Sports. Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. Our motivational quote of the day is, “Great things never come from comfort zones.” Starting a Toy Dealership from scratch is in no ones comfort zone.. but it is a lot of fun… Hugs JIm

Chelsea here today with Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. Our motivational quote of the day is, “Great things never come from comfort zones.” Jim. Well, that actually is a really good one because it’s around … Well, it’s April fourth. But we found out the second of April, Chelsea, we are the number one Kawasaki dealer in New Brunswick today. And we really didn’t open ’til April 2nd, so it’s not bad. Three weeks, we stepped out of our comfort zone. What would take six months to build, we put together in six weeks. It was a lot of hard work, and I’ll tell you, when you talk about outside your comfort zone, Chelsea, we had no idea what we’re doing, and we’re still learning, but we give that great Wheels and Deals service, so that’s in our wheelhouse. People knew we’d look after them. People wanted us. We are in a great location for people. We’re right here in the middle. We got a super Polaris dealer across the road, a wonderful Yamaha/Suzuki dealership down the road. We’re right here in toy central, and the three of us dealers are gonna look after everybody and we’re gonna be the Kawasaki, and we’re gonna be the number one. But there’s three great dealers right here, and we’re saying, “Hey, come on and see, when you step out of your comfort zone, what you can do because we had no idea we could do this, Chelsea.” No idea, but it was a lot of work, and it’s gonna be a lot more work, and we’re excited. We invite everybody to come see the number one selling Kawasaki dealer in New Brunswick and see what we’re all about.


Yeah, getting into this we were comfortable. We have a great business, Wheels and Deals, we have great customer service, and it would have been just so easy to just work on that business, keep it growing. But, we said, “Hey, let’s jump out of our comfort zone. Let’s get into a new division, take our method of Wheels and Deals customer service and making and creating customers, keeping them in the family and see what else we can do with it.” Life’s all about … Sometimes you get comfortable and you could be doing great at something and it’s comfortable. Step outside the box, jump into something new, and try new things. And like my … I had a great gym teacher, phys ed teacher, whatever you’re calling them today, in high school, Doug Kane. He said, “If you’re still bragging about what you did yesterday, you didn’t do enough today.” So step out of your comfort zone and do something different tomorrow. Hopefully we motivated you today to try something new, step out of your comfort zone. Even something that you are the best at, step out, jump into new things, and have a Huggable day.


Chelsea here today with Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. Our quote of the day is: “The Secret of getting ahead is getting started

Chelsea here today with Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. Our quote of the day is: “The Secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Ain’t that the truth? When it comes to anything you’re doing is just get started. Start it somewhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re 10 years late and you should have learned French 10 years ago, if you want to learn Spanish, if you want to learn how to play tennis, you want to go play hockey, just get started.

Everyone’s so pushed to say someone’s too old to start something or you need it learn it when you’re younger. No. You can learn anything you want to learn. All’s you got to do is, you got to start started. You cannot do anything until you get started. You look at babies. Look how many times they fall down. They learn to crawl. They fall. They stand up. They fall. They just got started. They kept on going.
Hope we motivated you today. Maybe something that you used to want to do or something you always thought of, it could be riding bicycles, you might not have done it in 20 years, it could be going to hot yoga, anything in your life that’s something you want to do, do it. Start it. You just got to get going. Have a huggable day.

Chelsea here today with Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. Our huggable quote of the day is from Mike Tyson himself, “Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the mouth.”

Chelsea here today with Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. Our huggable quote of the day is from Mike Tyson himself, “Everyone has a plan till I punch them in the face.” I heard this quote today actually on a motivational video I was watching, and it actually is so true with everything in life. Everyone’s got a plan. You wake up in the morning, you got a plan of action. You’re going to work out and lose a ton of weight, you’ve got a plan of action. You’re going through, you got an action, and once in a while you might not physically get punched in the face, but metaphorically you do get punched in the face. That could be you come to a plateau on the weight loss. It’s always about persevering through that, persevering through. Once you get punched in the face and thrown off your plan, still persevere through. Go after your goal, your development and stuff. Even the website development here, they’re developing and they probably come to a point, you have brain lock, you have brain grid, metaphorically punched in the face.

It’s just all about continuing forward, knowing that even though you do have a plan at some point that plan is going to get hit. It’s going to get stopped. It’s going to have something happen to it. You cannot perfectly plan in life. That’s the fun of it. The fun is that you actually don’t ever know what life is going to throw at you, but you just got to keep going, doing the plan, recreating the plan, recreating the plan again, and keeping your goal the same as you keep going forward with the plan. I hope we motivated you today to continue on maybe with the plan that you had got stopped in because you metaphorically got punched in the face, and hopefully you just continue on with that plan and realize that the goal is still the goal and you still can persevere, and you can still do it. Even if you took a break, even if you stopped, you can still reach your goals, so continue on, do what you can do, and have a Huggable day.


Chelsea's Huggable Huddle

Chelsea here today with Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. The motivational quote of the day is, “Be obsessed or be average”.

Chelsea here today with Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. The motivational quote of the day is, “Be obsessed or be average”. What does that mean? It means be obsessed. I think to be obsessed though and create a positive with that is obviously be obsessed about something to do with positivity, and be obsessed with multiple aspects in your life. If you’re just obsessed with work, you’re probably other aspects of your life are gonna fail. If you’re gonna be just obsessed with working out and being healthy, you’re gonna lose other aspects of your life. If you’re just obsessed with, truthfully being with your family, well then you’re gonna lose other aspects of life that will cause that to have a negative effect. I think trying to be obsessed about everything you can and there is nothing wrong with that. When you’re with your family, you’re 100% be obsessed about it. When you’re at work, be obsessed with growth, be obsessed with your work.

And, when you wanna be healthy, be obsessed with it, go to the gym seven days a week. Hey, that’s fantastic, but if you’re giving up, if you’re not getting to work on time and you’re not having family time, to be obsessed with that, then maybe that’s not a positive thing. It’s finding that happy medium, where you can be obsessed with everything, but in a proactive and positive way. I think just so many, there’s so much negative around the word obsession that people get scared to be obsessed, but truthfully, that’s what’s gonna take you to the next level. If you want to be perfectly physically fit, you do have to commit and be obsessed with the gym. You want to have a happy family life though, you got to be obsessed with spending that extra quality time with them. You want to grow yourself at work, you have to be obsessed with growth, the knowledge of yourself in growing at work.
So, learning some of the stuff I’ve been learning lately, it’s create an obsession, but create an obsession in every aspect of life that you have goals, not just one. Make sure you have your financial goal, your family goal, your personal health goal, another goal, if you want, and be obsessed about all of them all at once. If you can create an obsession about that, your life’s going to soar to the skies and become one like no other. I hope I motivated you to pick a couple of positive obsessions and make sure that you grow your life into a fantastic way. Have a huggable day.

Chelsea here today with Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. The #Motorvational quote of the day is, “A person with a plan has the battle half fought.”

Chelsea here today with Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. The #Motorvational quote of the day is, “A person with a plan has the battle half fought.” What do we mean when we say this? Just take a look at the weather today, or look outside, everyone woke up this morning, their plan was in place last night. You probably set your alarm early, you got up, someone snowplowed the driveway, someone went out and cleaned the cars off, you were up early enough so that you could leave earlier, ’cause the traffic’s going to be a lot heavier today with the snow. Right there is, you planned yesterday so that you had the battle half fought today.

Yo, when you’re going throughout your week, and your days, and sometimes, and you’re thinking, “Oh yo, maybe it’s a struggle to get to work on time, I’m always stressing, I’m always struggling.” But yet today, you didn’t go through that struggle, yet you had to do the extra snow blowing, you had to do the extra cleaning off the car, and it probably took you the longest to get today to work. That coat kind of falls into that is, create a plan. If you have a plan of action, even if it’s small, even if it’s to just … the plan of how you’re going to get your laundry done throughout the week, is you have the battle half fought. The other half of the battle is definitely implementing that plan, and actually getting up when your alarm goes off.
The #Motorvational part of the day for this is, is to keep yourself motivated, keep yourself positive is create a plan. Create a plan for even the smallest things. Create a plan of, yo, when you’re going to go get groceries. Create a plan for when you’re going to do your laundry. Create a plan for, yo, what time you want to have supper ready, and activate that plan. If you do that, and you have everything kind of set in place, you’re … everything’s to roll a lot smoother, you’re going to be a lot more happy throughout the day. It’s going to create a lot more time in your life to get those extra things done you want, and have that extra time with your family, or have that extra time on growing yourself. I hope we motivated you today to keep the plan of action, just like you made the plan this morning subconsciously, create those plans for every other aspect in your life. Hope you have a huggable day.

Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle “Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being excited at what could go right.”

Chelsea here today with Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. My #Motorvational quote of the day is, “Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being excited at what could go right.” That’s coming to you live from “The Motivational Secret.” You’re looking for a motivational book, keep you motivated, let us know, we will get you one. I think that’s a complete true quote. You’re sitting there. Everyone’s always so afraid of what could go wrong. Someone says something, we look for the 10 reasons it may not work. If someone wants to go do something, oh well, let’s find all the reasons it won’t work, we can’t do it. Let’s start being positive. Let’s try to get the glass half full, not half empty. Hey, at least there’s water in the glass. Who cares whether it’s half full or half empty.

I think just trying to change your outlook on life. You’re waking up on the news every day where it’s always everything negative, it’s such an easy trap to get pulled into. I myself am definitely am not a pro at being positive all the time, but it’s definitely something I think about all the time in trying to change my ways. When we’re around our kids, when you’re around young people, we’re always negative. Not necessarily with them, but with ourselves. You guys got to always think of the positive. Be happy with everything that’s going on, try to always find the positive in stuff. Hey, you go to the park or you go to free skate, and it’s shut down because there’s a tournament? Hey, be positive. You guys get to stop and watch a hockey game, or you get to do a new adventure for the day.

So, when going on with life and moving on in your day to day, it’s … just try not to get trapped in the glass is half full. Be happy that you even have water in your glass, and start to just motivate your day, stay a little bit more positive, and just keep on truckin’. I want to thank you for coming out for Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. I hope you have a Motorvational day.

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Chelsea here today with Chelsea’s huggable huddle. Our motivational quote of the day is, continued persistence overcomes almost all of resistance.

Chelsea here today with Chelsea’s huggable huddle. Our motivational quote of the day is, continued persistence overcomes almost all of resistance. Jim. Chelsea. Continued persistence overcomes all of resistance. Think of that. Just think of that. Whatever you’re going to do in 2018, whether it’s lose weight, right? You’re going to resist, because what’s going to happen, that Big Mac, or that Quarter Pounder, or that ice cream, especially got that new guy in front … with the rolled ice cream, and that’s resistance.

We want the ice cream, we want the burgers. But you got to persist. Once you set up that “Hey, I’m going to lose weight,” you pick your 10 pounds, your 5 pounds, your 20, don’t make it great, like a crazy goal, but it’s persistence, persistence, you got to be able to be persistent, say, “No.” Or Chelsea the huggable worker that just won’t follow the way we’re supposed to do stuff, you know we are the management , we got to be persistent, we got to keep driving the plan. Here’s the plan. We know our plans work, you know the proofs here in the Wheels and Deals, so persistence, persistence will overcome resistance and guess what? Just when you’re almost going to give up and almost going to fall for the temptation, almost give up and say, “Ah, they’re just not going to get it.” That’s usually the time you’re going to win, so continued persistence will overcome all resistance. I like that one for 2018. I think it’s great for starting 2018. Everyone sets off on goals, high, and lows, just any goals in general.  … And you want to go to the gym. Say it’s full, January, and then in February it falls back. Pick your goal, don’t let someone else pick it for you and don’t pick a goal of something just because you think it’s right. I personally don’t pick the goal to go to the gym, because I know I’ll resist it so much that I’ll never get it. Pick something you know you actually deep down want to do, because if you don’t have the belief that that’s what you want, you’ll never be able to overcome that resistance. And you’ll have no persistence. For 2018, to keep the motivation, let’s keep the motivation of persistence going past two weeks into January, and keep it going for all of 2018. Hope you have a huggable day.

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Here today with Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle for 2018, starting it off right with a motivation quote of the day being, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.

” Jim? Well, you know, that actually is so true. I’m gonna set this off right, the tone off, and if somebody doesn’t like what I got to say, guess what, turn the video off, because wish in one hand, and poop in the other, and see what gets filled up first. So, it’s true. If you don’t write it down, you don’t have a plan, it’s just a wish and you keep changing your mind. You flow, you go this, you go that way … Write down your goals and every day, look at that goal and every day, only write down two or three goals. You know the big mistake we all make is we get this big long list of goals. No. Pick one or two things you want to do. And one of your goals should be better educating yourself. One of your biggest goals should be making yourself more valuable at what you do, because in today’s world, you can educate yourself so much on YouTube and internet that there’s no excuse that you’re getting paid the same today as you was getting paid yesterday. Like, I’m listening to these people saying, “Minimum wage.” Screw minimum wage.



If you learn and become better and what you do and sit down and plan and a goal to be better at what you do, goal to lose weight, a goal to exercise, but a goal to better yourself, you’ll increase your self-worth to yourself, to your employer, and to your family. I think there’s setting a goal on having a plan. Reading a lot, actually, this year already and just one of the biggest things they said is if you set a goal and then you make a plan, the main thing is you gotta right down the plan step by step. You can’t just wing it, going, “Oh, I plan on going to the gym every day.” Do you plan on going every day? Write down the time. Write down the dates. You’re gonna skip a day? Pick the day you’re gonna skip. You know which day you’re gonna skip, off the bat. And because of that, if you have it written down, you’re a lot more … You’re gonna stay on it. You’re gonna be persistent with it, and your goal is gonna be there. If you don’t reach your goal, let’s say you set a goal to lose weight, 10 pounds in a month and a half, two months. Don’t change the goal. Change your plan. Your goal is your goal. So if you do a plan, it doesn’t get you to that goal, don’t redo your goal and lower the goal, just so you can hit it.
Keep that goal where it is, change your plan, and go after it. I’d rather miss a goal of going for 10, then hit a goal of going for two. And before Chelsea’s done, I want to give a shout out to Abby Cochrane because she went and she got a goal and a plan. She’s going to the gym every day. Abby’s losing weight and she posted a picture. She took the selfie picture at the gym last week and Abby, stay with your plan.
Stay with your goal. You’re looking good and a shout out to you on Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. Well, thank you Dave, for coming out to Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle, and I hope we motivated you to start 2018 off with not just a goal or a couple goals, but with a plan to activate those goals. Have a Huggable day.
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Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle.. Have a Huggable Christmas, Smile today and be thankful for tomorrow.. Hugs Chelsea and Jim

Chelsea here, today with Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. Today we just want to wish you a Merry Christmas. We want you to enjoy the time, enjoy your family, enjoy what it’s all about. It’s not always about the gifts, lot of time, it’s just about who you spend that time with.

And, me and Chrome want to say, “Have a huggable New Year.” And Chelsea’s right, let’s make it all about family, about fun. Let’s not complain, let’s not talk about what we don’t have, let’s focus on what we do have. How lucky we are to be in Canada and just everybody smile and say, “Thank you for Christmas.” That’s actually very true. A lot of people get stressed out at the Christmas time, you’re out in the hustle and the bustle. It should be time where everyone is smiling, laughing, cheering. No frowns, no rushing, no pushing out of the way. Hold the door open for people. Just be a little bit more huggable this Christmas. Have a huggable day.

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Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. Our motivational quote of the day is, “The purpose of learning is growth.

Chelsea here today with Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. Our motivational quote of the day is, “The purpose of learning is growth. And our minds, unlike our bodies, can continue growing as we continue to live.” And you know, that’s so true. Like, Chelsea’s right. Our bodies stop growing, then … Well, they grow, they get older, our ears get bigger, our nose gets wider, our teeth fall out.

Not mine, yet. But our hair does fall out. But our minds need constant nourishment to grow. Like, your mind doesn’t stop. And even as you get … Like I’m 60, Chelsea you’re 33. And even at 60 I learned more this year than I last year, I learned more last year than the year before. And it’s that unstoppable need to learn, to learn more, to do more, to be more. And I think that’s why you get … Actually when you’re younger you need it, so you can get the better jobs. When you’re in the middle of your life cycle you need it so you can feed your family better. And as you get older and get in your pretty zone like me, you need it just to keep your mind going because so many of my friends, they stop their mind. And when their mind stops, funny thing but the rest of them stops. So continue to learn, never stop learning. I think, I mean, I have a lot of motivation as I get older to learn, learning from my dad. At 60 he knows how to do, you know, the iCloud. Most people don’t even. So I think it’s just, it’s always good to see as you get older, it’s so easy to say, “Oh, I don’t need to read a book.” I think there are, like people read one book in like 10 years after they leave university. But you gotta keep growing your mind to grow your future, to grow yourself. And if you stop reading, you stop learning, you’re gonna be caught dead in the water. And there’s gonna be people who are learning, and they’re gonna pass you in every aspect. Yes. And I think actually as you get older, reading is so important because you know, there are … Dementia and some disease set in. I think if you constantly challenge your mind and do those mind things and read and learn, and grow your mind, I think as you get on in life, it’s actually safer for you, and you’ll live a better life. I want to thank you for coming here to Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. I hope we’ve motivated you today. Whether you’re younger or older, pick up a book, read, always be learning, always trying to get ahead. Have a huggable day.

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Chelsea here today with Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. Our #Motorvational quote of the day is: Don’t follow your dreams. Chase them down with aggressive pursuit.

Chelsea here today with Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. Our #Motorvational quote of the day is: Don’t follow your dreams. Chase them down with aggressive pursuit. Chase them down with aggressive pursuit. Here we are, Chelsea and me today, in La Jolla, California. We got up at 3:30 this morning, showered, got on a plane to Toronto, Toronto to Denver, Denver to San Diego, San Diego then 50 miles to La Hoya, 50 kilometers to La Hoya. When you’re talking about chasing them down with relentless pursuit, we’re here to see Darren Hardy, who is one of the world’s most inspirational people. Motorvational leaders, leading you to a better work lifestyle, and we really are that what you just said. We’re chasing the dream down, and to prove it, we just flew 6,000 kilometers and enjoyed every minute of it, Chelsea.

This is the way you gotta do it. If you want to be number one, if you want to be successful, if you want to be part of an A Team, you’ve got to be relentless in your pursuit. Chase them down just as we are here. Now, it is quite nice behind this. Don’t feel bad for us, but we are here. We are going to go into a conference at 7 a.m. tomorrow morning, we don’t get out until 6 p.m., and we’re going to do it three days straight up. We’re looking forward to it, and we’re looking forward to bringing back a lot of knowledge to our team back in Fredericktown. Chelsea, what do you think? Yeah, when you’re going to go after your dream, it’s got to be a relentless pursuit. Whether it’s the grand scheme of three planes to here, or is that commitment to staying up late, or reading that book, or waking up early and working out, or staying late at work … whatever you got to do. If you’re committed to a dream, you’ve got to be relentless about it. You just gotta follow it, don’t stop going, and if you just do it in a mediocre way, well you’re going to get mediocre out of it. So true. Somebody said to me, “Geez, Jim. When you work for you, you gotta work hard.” Well, that’s because I believe in working hard. I give my 100%, and I believe everybody that works at Wheels and Deals should give their 100% to the customers and to us, because we give them and everybody 120% in return. We’re relentless in our pursuit of being better every day. I want to thank you for coming out to Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle today. I hope we motivated you to be relentless on the pursuit of your dreams. Don’t slow down, don’t stop. Keep on going.

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Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle, sleep with your dreams or to wake up and chase them.

Chelsea here today with Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. Our motivational quote of the day is every morning you have two choices, to sleep with your dreams or to wake up and chase them. Today’s motivational quote of the day is going to be a little different so, Jim, we’re going over to you.

Well, thank you, Chelsea. Yes, Chelsea’s so right. You’ve got to wake up in the morning. You have two choices. You get out of bed with your dreams or you stay in bed and it’s not a dream, it’s just a thought. Take action, my friends. Get out of bed, jump out, look at the sun and say, “Sun, thank you for the day.” Go and go do it. Don’t sit back and wait for other people to do it for you. They won’t. I always dreamed of being the number one car dealer. We’ve been voted 13 times in a row Fredericton’s best number one car dealer. Right? Somebody said, Jim, you should speak. I said well, I can’t speak. They said yes you can. You got a good story. I said okay, let’s give it a try. I gave it a try, and today I’m sitting in Cabo, Mexico with a Fortune 500 company and on Saturday morning I’m going to share the Wheels and Deals story. I’m going to share my marketing thoughts, going give them some #Motorvational talk and I’m gonna bring them to tomorrow’s land. I’m gonna bring them to 2020. Who am I to speak in front of a Fortune 500 company? I’m the guy that had a dream and I’m here. Look behind me. So, you too. Don’t lay in bed. Get out of bed and make your dreams happen. Don’t rely on nobody else and thank you Chelsea.

You know when it comes to making the choices of shooting for your dreams, the dream, the goal, it doesn’t always have to be something that’s extraordinary. Something that’s big or anything like that. Sometimes you can have little dreams, little goals. It’s still a dream. It’s still a goal. It’s always just moving towards something. When you wake up every day, shoot for that dream. We want to thank you for coming out today for Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle, and I we motivated you to jump on, dig a little bit deeper and go for that dream or that goal that you’ve been thinking about, whether it’s big or small. No matter what any dreams you achieve, it’s gonna make it a lot better in your life. Have a huggable day.

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Shine Bright and Stay Focused!

quoteJust a few things to remember during changes in our lives…ones we sometimes forget and just need little reminders. I am writing this to learn myself, to remind myself and to be proud of myself at the end of each day.

*Every time it rains, it stops raining. Every time you get hurt, you heal. Your mind might tell you that this will last forever. It won’t. Nothing lasts forever. After darkness there is always light and this too shall pass.

You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.” ― Maya Angelou


*Be kind to yourself!  It really is the best medicine.

*Sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.

*Don’t stop Believing.

*No matter what, today is a priceless gift and it’s up to you to make the best of it.

*Be positive, patient and persistent.

*Learn something new everyday!  Not just learn, but embrace how it will benefit you or someone else who you may now be able to help because of it.

*We can talk all we want but only our actions will move us forward.

*One behaviour separates the successful from the average. Go above and beyond!

*Be proactive and do not wait for life to come to you.


*Surround yourself with people who lift you up, not bring you down! Choose the people who make things happen, the “go-getters”, the ones who support you and are happy when you succeed.

*The best thing you can do is choose to be positive and keep going.

*When trying to do good, certain people love to find flaws.  Don’t worry about these people, don’t worry about haters and the criticism they will send your way. Keep focused on your journey and the people who are important and you will be ok!

*You can’t change people. You can, however, create conditions where change is more like to happen.


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