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Shout out to Tony Grant, “Tony was really great, patient and helpful”, Wheels and Deals, Fredericton, Used Car Deals

Experience: Tony was really great, patient and helpful, we were over a month looking and I never felt any pressure at all from Tony. He answered all our questions and we knew we had his full attention and time. I would give him a 10, far above average. We had spent nearly 2 months total looking, there is a reason we stop checking anywhere else after talking with Tony and simply waited until the right vehicle came in.

Future Referrals: Yes we definitely would recommend Wheels and Deals, without question.Word of mouth is why we came to Wheels and Deals, it is nice to know you are dealing with a place with such an impeccable reputation that you feel secure in the knowledge that you will always be taken care of. Their standards on the vehicles they sell is second to none.

Thank you Glen for your confidence in Jim Gilbert’s Wheels & Deals- Canada’s Huggable Car Dealer.

Welcome to the Wheels & Deals family!