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Janelle Fraser, International Speaker, Trainer, & Success Coach on CHCDTV with Jim Gilbert Canada’s Huggable Car Dealer. Learn about Janelle and enjoy one of the most rewarding journeys of your life and we guarantee it!

What is the difference between happy and unhappy people or successful and unsuccessful people? What separates the leaders from the followers? Is there any area of your life you want to experience more happiness and success? Are you interested in being a leader that people love to follow?

The answer is simple… It’s all in your thinking. You may not believe me yet, but that’s what my other clients said just before they realized the impact of their thoughts on their reality. The genuinely happy, wildly successful, and dynamic leaders of today have a mind-set that is different from the general population and it is this distinction that has allowed them to rise to the top.
Janelle firmly believes that coaching is a “do-with” process as there is nothing she can do-to-you to magically get the life you want. A coach is simply a tour guide (highly skilled with a few tricks up their sleeve) and works with the client to get the desired results. Together you and Janelle will design a coaching plan that fits your needs and goals.

The following may be a new way of looking at personal and professional development, but if you really want results you will have to consider this. If your knowledge on the unconscious mind is limited please refer to “What is heck is my unconscious mind” for further understanding. After all, your unconscious mind keeps you alive!

Can you remember a time where you made a conscious decision to change a behavior, or act differently? Of all the times you have done this, how many of those changes actually lasted (be honest)? Not many! This is because you were making conscious change and all behavior, change, and learning is unconscious and therefore, we need to work with both the conscious and unconscious mind to create lasting change. This contributes to the reason Janelle is comfortable guaranteeing her results as a coach.

Janelle guarantee’s your results when you hire her as your coach; based on her experience her clients always get results (which is relatively unheard of in the coaching community). What this means is that she has strict selection criteria for personal clients. Therefore, individuals interested in personal coaching must be serious about taking their personal or professional development to the next level and must be willing to do whatever it takes to move themselves past their obstacles.

“I do not believe in “quick fixes” or “temporary” solutions which is why I very rarely do 1 session. However, it is very common my clients are achieving results after only 1 session. My private clients are committed to their results and can expect to invest 4-5 figures depending on the value and results they wish to obtain. All coaching relationships are unique”

Book a Strategy Session with Janelle

Contact us today for more information at 506-261-1661 or

  • International Speaker, Trainer, & Success Coach
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming Board Certified Trainer & Master Practitioner
  • Time Line Therapy® Board Certified Trainer & Master Practitioner
  • Hypnotherapy Board Certified Instructor & Master Hypnotist
  • NLP Coaching Board Certified Trainer & Master Coach
  • University Degree: Kinesiology & Psychology
  • Certified Yoga Instructor

Michelle Hunter more than just talking, Michelle is doing. Assisting Erica and Chris Saunders, we all need a Hugging hand from time to time.

Michelle Hunter, her former colleague and friend, started a fundraising campaign for the family last Friday. In the first five days it’s raised more than $1,500. The goal is $4,000.


Saunders family

Erica Saunders, 25, needs a life-saving heart surgery. The operation is scheduled for March 27, and it will be the third one the mother of three and recent newlywed will have undergone.

The Fredericton native was born with aortic stenosis, which caused her main heart valve not to develop. At age 11, she underwent her first surgery. The second took place four years ago when she received a bovine valve replacement. It gave her 21⁄2 years of great health, she said.

Then she became pregnant with her third child. The additional blood flow during her pregnancy placed too much strain on the valve. It’s left her short of breath and the smallest of exertion is potentially deadly, she said.

“I’m on complete bed rest. The valve could let go at any time now,” she said.

Now, Saunders said, she’s waiting for her next surgery, which will reconstruct her aortic tissue and aortic valve.

Her declining health forced her to stop working last October. Her medical employment insurance has since run out. Chris Saunders, her husband, works full time but they’re struggling financially.

“It’s really not something I should be worrying about because my blood pressure is high already,” she said.

“People say they don’t want to go to work, but I would love to be able to go to work. As soon as I get healed, I will be right back to work.”

Chris Saunders is feeling the strain. He worries about whether she’s okay while he’s at work, he said.

The family moved from Fredericton to Saint John after he had a job transfer. She said it’s difficult to be away from Fredericton because many of their family members and friends are here.

“The one bonus is that the heart centre’s here,” Erica Saunders said.

She worries about dying and almost didn’t survive her last operation, she said, noting she was pronounced clinically dead and was revived by her surgeon on the operating table.

“All of a sudden my heart stopped. My surgeon tried everything to get my heart started again. He had to reopen the incision and put a metal clamp in to spread the valve open to save my life,” Saunders said.

“Surgery isn’t what scares me. It’s not knowing if I’m going to wake up.”

She and her husband have spent a lot of time talking about what could happen if the surgery isn’t successful. Chris Saunders said that’s included a conversation about the possibility she might not survive the operation.

“I’ve had to make plans that I shouldn’t have to make at our age. We moved from Fredericton to Saint John a little over a year ago and our support system is in Fredericton and my immediate family is in Philadelphia,” he said.

They’ve been together nine years but just got married in December. She too worries about what will happen to her husband and their girls if she doesn’t make it, she said.

“He said, ‘What happens if this is the last few weeks we have together?’ I don’t know how to answer that. How do I comfort him knowing I have the same fear?”

Their three daughters are seven, five and 18 months. She and her husband are trying to be strong for their children. Mackenzie and Jordyn will be going to Pennsylvania to be with her husband’s parents while their youngest, Peyton, remains at home with her dad.

Michelle Hunter, her former colleague and friend, started a fundraising campaign for the family last Friday. In the first five days it’s raised more than $1,500. The goal is $4,000.

That money will be used to help the couple pay bills and for childcare for their baby while she’s recovering from the operation and he’s working.

Hunter said she hopes donations will take the financial pressure off the family.

“Going from two full-time incomes down to one with three children is very hard,” Hunter said.

The couple said they’re grateful for the financial and emotional support they’re receiving as they go through this difficult time.

Chris Saunders said they don’t like to ask people for help but the financial contributions people are making is helping take some of the burden from them at this time.

For more information about the Saunders family or to make a donation please go to:

Help The Saunders Family

Imagine being a mother and not being able to see your 3 young children for 3 months. Erica Saunders is going through her 3rd major heart surgery and is only 25 years old. Her doctor put her off in October 2014 and her medical EI has run out. Her husband works full time and provides the best he…
WOW, can’t thank you enough for this opportunity, we are lucky to have you as part of our community. My email is and my work numberis 206-6003or cell is 471-7926. Words cant express how I feel!!!

Mayday Fine printing Marilyn Wilson, Jamie Rickard on Jim Gilbert’s Wheels and Deals yCHCDTV 

  • A special shout out to Karen Campbell of NBCC for educating our Men and Women, that will be  contibuting to all our future’s…Jamie is a Graduate of NBCC Marketing Course and is working in his educated and chosen profession. 

 CHCDTV May Day Fine Printing Interview  




Your Mortgage Professor Pam Nierlich (Mortgage Broker) , with Jim Gilbert CHCDTV

Pam Neirlich

Home Financing 101 – The things they don’t teach you in school.

Where outlining your financial future is as simple as drawing on a chalk board.   Call to book your one on one,  a class where there are no stupid questions. You will learn:  what you need to qualify,  how much it will cost and the dynamics of how a mortgage works.  Don’t make such an important decision without the education.

Pam Nierlich

Premiere Mortgage Centre Inc.

Phone: 506.472.6645

Mobile: 506.449.9190

Fax: 506.472.3496


927 Prospect St, Fredericton , New Brunswick  E3B 2T7

Allison Hill (Ripped Angel) , Atlantic Classic Body Building and Figure Championships, Wheels and Deals Sponsorship

Allison Hill (Ripped Angel) , Body Building and Figure Championships Wheels and Deals

Canada’s Huggable Car Dealer , Jim Gilbert’s Wheels and Deals is excited to sponsor  Allison Hill in her quest to dominate the Atlantic Figure Championship. Allison and her husband Jared are life long friends of the Gilbert family. Jared Hill and Alex Gilbert have been best friends since they were in diapers. We wish Allison great success and feel honoured that she gave Team Wheels and Deals the opportunity to sponsor her and be part of her success storey.. Hugs to you Allison….

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History of the Atlantic Classic Championships by Garry Bartlett

History of the Atlantic Classic Championships by Garry Bartlett

Even though it was thirty five years ago, I remember it as clearly as yesterday. Sitting in my car and driving to Moncton, I could hardly contain my excitement at the thought of competing in the 1978 Maritime Bodybuilding Championships. In the past 35 years since my first bodybuilding competition I had become very good friends with Dieppe’s Ron Gaudet, Mike Aube, and Ti-Jean LeBlanc. We had all gotten together and re-organized the New Brunswick Bodybuilding Association electing Ron as President and me in the position of Secretary-Treasurer. Being from Fredericton and speaking only English I had very little in common with Ron, Jean, and Mike who all were French but treated me like royalty. In spite of our different cultural backgrounds, our mutual love and passion for bodybuilding had brought us together.

35 years ago Ti-Jean wins first Atlantics

In those days there were no fancy commercial gyms, most of us trained at our local YMCA, which in most cases were poorly equipped. However, the boys in Dieppe really had it together, and had transformed an old school into a first rate workout facility. It was called the “Dieppe Bodybuilding Studio” and along with Ron, Jean, and Mike I had some of my most inspirational workouts there!

Following his 1975 New Brunswick Bodybuilding Championship win Ti-Jean was just beginning his career as one of the best amateur bodybuilders in Canada. He competed in his first Canadian Nationals in Calgary, Alberta in 1977. Unfortunately, Ti-Jean entered the competition far too bulky and was outclassed by the much better conditioned competitors. It was obvious that Jean required more contest experience.

1979 Atlantics Garry Bartlett, Steve Howe, Robert Basque

So under Ron’s leadership the Dieppe Bodybuilding club decided to promote the very first Maritime Bodybuilding Championships in the spring of ’78 at the Mathieu Martin High School. I suspected that the show was motivated by Jean’s need to get more contest experience before hitting the national stage again. The competition was open to anyone in the Atlantic region. Up until 1978 there were no officially recognized Atlantic competitions; although there had been a few inter provincial competitions in the 60’s where athletes from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick participated such as Saint John’s Norm Wickens and Bob McDerrmot.

As I got closer to Moncton my excitement and anticipation grew, and with good reason! Ron had told me that 1977 Mr. Canada and Mr. Universe Roy Callender would be guest posing. Jimmy Caurso, the worlds top physique photographer and IFBB General Secretary Winston Roberts would also be on hand to officiate and oversee the event. For anyone who loved bodybuilding as much as I did, it was shaping up to be a dream weekend.

1978 Atlantic Ticket

I had been training very hard for the past year, but when I got a look at Ti-Jean back stage, it was game over. Jean had literally transformed his former bulky physique into a chiseled work of art. He had won the first Maritime Championship title long before stepping on stage.

I lost a close decision in the tall class to Dieppe’s big Moe LeBlanc who just over powered me with his mass. Being intensely competitive I took the loss hard but it only served strengthen my resolve to get better.

In those early days we called it the Maritime Championships, which later was changed to the Atlantic Bodybuilding Championships. I was as outspoken in those days as I am today. I have always voiced my opinions freely and bragged that I could do a first rate job of promoting the Atlantic’s in Fredericton! So Ron, Ti-Jean and Mike challenged me to put on the show! Along with my good friend Bryon Webber we promoted the 1979 Maritime bodybuilding Championships at the Nashwaaksis Junior High School in Fredericton.

1978 Atlantics

This contest turned to be a defining event in the history of the Atlantic Bodybuilding as this was the first time athlete from Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick all participated at the same competition. It was at this show that I met Bob and Marie Jay who shared the same passion for bodybuilding as I did. Bob and Marie were responsible for bringing bodybuilding to Prince Edward Island in the 80’s and early 90’s. Fredericton’s ripped Steven Howe went on to win the overall in a pose down against Bathurst’s Robert Basque and myself. I was elated that I had won the Middleweight division.

Bob and Marie Jay went on to form the PEI Bodybuilding Association and along with Nova Scotia’s John MacLellan and Harry Alexander who represented Nova Scotia the Atlantic Region now had some strong leaders. Bob and Marie were anxious to promote the sport on the island so they were encouraged to host the 1980 Maritime Championships in Charlottetown. A first for the Island, the competition was a huge success with New Brunswick’s awesome Robert Basque winning the overall title.

1982 Atlantics Moe LeBlanc & Debbie Howe

The name was subsequently changed to “The Atlantic Bodybuilding Championships” with the 1981 championship heading to Halifax, Nova Scotia. We now had a truly Atlantic event which was officially recognized by the Canadian Bodybuilding Federation as one of the most prestigious regional events in Canada. In fact the Atlantics was made an official qualifier for the Canadian Nationals.

Around this time I met and became good friends with Dieppe’s Len Collette who was a keen bodybuilding fan and offered his services to help the New Brunswick Association. Fortunately, Len came along at the right time as current President Ron Gaudet had stepped down, leaving us in a difficult situation. Always looking for a challenge, Len stepped up offering his services as president.

1982 Len Collette & Moe LeBlanc

He was perfect for the position, as he traveled throughout the province and had the opportunity to stop at every gym to spread the word on New Brunswick Bodybuilding. Under Len’s competent & enthusiastic leadership, New Brunswick Bodybuilding prospered with our association becoming one of the most stable and highly respected in Canada. In the early 80’s and 90’s the Atlantic Championships were circulated around Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick. In 1982 the Atlantic’s returned to New Brunswick and was promoted by the Moncton Police Association at the Hotel Beausejour with Dieppe’s hometown favorite Moe LeBlanc taking the overall title.

For the next 14 years the Atlantic’s alternated between the three Maritime Provinces with many memorable and historic battles being fought. Some of these winners such as Bruce Patterson, Sandy Ridout, Ti-Jean LeBlanc, Mike Griffin, Keith Langford, Bob Taylor, Billy Mackie, Adrian Noel, Billy Mackie and Greg Doucette all went on to do very well nationally.

1996 Atlantics Bill Mackie

In 1995 the CBBF made a new policy eliminating regional championships as a national qualifier allowing athletes to qualify directly from their provincial championships. Our prestigious Atlantic Championships was now in jeopardy and no longer of significant value to competitors needing to qualify for the Nationals. Not wanting to see the end to such a great regional event, New Brunswick President Len Collette was convinced that if the show continued, then athletes would still compete. He felt that a lot of Atlantic competitors would still would enjoy competing inter provincially in a friendly competitive atmosphere.

The test came in 1996 when the NBABBA under Len’s leadership promoted and renamed the championship to The Atlantic Classic Bodybuilding Championships. His vision proved to be correct, as this event was a huge success with Nova Scotia’s Bill Mackie walking away with the Overall title. The Atlantic Classic had now found a home in the Moncton area and continued to grow for the next eleven years. When Len stepped down as President in 2006 our favorite spring competition was once again in jeopardy. Fortunately, the husband and wife team of Ti-Jean & Heather LeBlanc stepped up to the plate and promoted a very successful championship in 2007.

1997 Atlantics Stephanie Wood & Danny Lanteigne

The spring of 2008 featured a fantastic 30th special anniversary Atlantic Championship promoted once again by Ti-Jean and Heather. Feedback from this competition was that it was the most fun and smoothest run bodybuilding and fitness event in Atlantic Canada’s thirty year history. Obviously, Ti-Jean and Heather’s hard work and passion for this long running competition has benefited many Atlantic athletes, fans, and sponsors as it continues to grow in size and importance. With this year’s 2013 35th anniversary event, I am anxiously looking forward to see what surprises Ti-Jean and Heather  have in store for us on April 13th!

Both Ti-Jean and I stood on stage as competitors back in 1978 and how appropriate that our love and passion for bodybuilding has enabled us to provide the same competitive opportunity for those who are willing to experience the thrill of flexing and displaying what they have worked so hard to achieve in the many hours spent in the gym. Jean and I are honored to be able to capture the same excitement and spirit for you guys that we shared over 35 years ago when we stood on the exact same stage. In Ti Jean’s case it is even more significant as 35 years ago he proudly hoisted the very first Atlantic Championship Overall trophy over his head in victory.

1998 Atlantics Len Collette, Fitima Hanna, Mike Griffin & Garry Bartlett

Driving to Moncton that day 35 years ago, I could never have imagined how far the journey would be! As I reminisce about all the Atlantic competitions I have witnessed and been a part off. I can’t help but think how lucky I have been. So many fond memories, numerous friends, exciting competitions, and shared laughs. Cherished things that money can’t buy. As I look over the long list of Atlantic winners I am saddened to see that some are no longer with us. It has been a great journey thanks to so many great Atlantic bodybuilders, fans and supporters.

I leave you with this advice, particularly for those of you who are competing this year. Savior and enjoy every moment, the time will go by in a blink of an eye, and someday you will also be wondering, where has the time gone? I just hope you will have the precious Treasure chest of memories to share with your loved ones that I have!

The Power of a Huggable Cowboy Hat, Jim Gilbert’s Wheels and Deals, Fredericton, Usedcardeals

Our Wheels and Deals cowboy hats are growing in popularity and we have received some huggable feedback this week.

We received a great email from a gentleman in Prince Edward Island this week:

Hi Jim,
My name is Brice. I recently started wearing one of your straw cowboy hats, which I acquired from underneath the back seat of a 15 pass van I was driving for the Cavendish Country Music Festival. When I found it, it was in a ball about the size of a softball! Anyway, I’m a cab driver in Charlottetown and since I started wearing that hat all hear is guys and girls alike saying “I love your hat!”. It’s done so much for my confidence, tips have gone up, I was even offered $100 for it and declined the offer. He then said hypothetically how much would it take before you would part with it? I told him $400 that way I could get over and get another one. That’s when I thought about the power of the internet!! Anyway the point of all this is to find out if you still have more of these magical frosty the snowman cowboy hats left and how can I get my hands on some more? I would be lost without it!

We also received an awesome photo from some participants in the Doaktown Parade of Lights on Sunday night. Chrystal and Will participated in the parade on behalf of Wheels and Deals and met up with Jayder-Aids, a team raising funds and awareness for juvenile diabetes in memory of Jayde Kasia Hunter- a beautiful, talented (singer, song writer) young women who passed away earlier this year. Our cowboy hats had special significance to Jayde’s family and friends as Jayde released a CD and on the album cover of her CD she wore a hat almost identical to our Wheels & Deals cowboy hat. Her family and friends were pleased to walk the parade route wearing our hats and will continue to wear them at their upcoming fundraising events throughout the year. We wish them much success with their fundraising efforts!



Thank you to Brice and team Jayder-Aids for wearing our hats and sharing your stories and photos with us.

Hugs to you all,







TELUS Walk to Cure Diabetes

We believe every step counts towards improving the health of thousands of Canadians. That’s why we are the title sponsor of theJuvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s (JDRF) flagship fundraising event, the TELUS Walk to Cure Diabetes.

The TELUS Walk to Cure Diabetes occurs in more than 65 communities across the country and brings thousands of people together for a common purpose – finding a cure for type 1 diabetes. Since 2000, TELUS, our team members and retirees have donated more than $5.7 million to fund research that will help realize this goal.


See why TELUS supports TELUS Walk to Cure Diabetes.

Watch now image

Why we care

Did you know that more than 300,000 Canadian children and adults live with type 1 diabetes? The TELUS Walk raises money for JDRF to continue funding critical research to find a cure for diabetes and its complications. The research they fund helps develop advanced treatments to improve the lives of people living with this disease.

Every customer helps us give where we live

Until a cure is found, TELUS is determined to use the power of our technology and expertise to help deliver better diabetes management. But we believe a cure will be found within our lifetime if we work together. Your support of the Walk and of JDRF will help bring us one step closer to that dream. Please join us in this important social cause and learn more about how you can help today.

Hug of the Week brought to you by Canadas’ Huggable Car Dealer & Astral Radio

Wheels and Deals Hug of the Week, Lloyd Chambers, Lloyd is Fired Up for Relay for Life, Canadian Cancer Society


Welcome to Lloyd’s personal page

I am really excited about participating in this year’s Canadian Cancer Society Relay For Life because every step I take in Relay raises money to help the Canadian Cancer Society save lives.

Join me in the fight against cancer supporting my participation in Relay For Life now. It’s easy – just click on the “Donate to (my name)” button near the upper right side of this page (above the thermometer).

Learn more about why the Canadian Cancer Society is our best partner in the fight against cancer at

Thanks for your support!

Help us reach our goal

You can be part of a community that takes up the fight. Please make a donation to myself or my team in support of the Canadian Cancer Society Relay For Life – with your donation, you can help us make cancer history.

Online pledging is secure and it saves the Canadian Cancer Society money by reducing administrative costs.

Read more about how your donation helps

Thanks for your support!

About the event

The Canadian Cancer Society Relay For Life is an overnight non-competitive relay that celebrates cancer survivors and pays tribute to loved ones. It’s a night of fun, friendship and fundraising to beat cancer.

Find out more about Relay For Life in your community and consider signing up for the event.


Hug of the Week, brought to you by Canada’s Huggable Car Dealer and Astral Radio ( Cam Anderson)

Astral radio

Wheels and Deals, Hug of the Week, SUPER-FUND-RAISER SAM DYKER… THE “ICEBREAKER”, “SUPERHERO WALK FOR AUTISM”, Brought to you by Canada’s Huggable Car Dealer and Astral Radio


Super Heros Wanted Autism Conections Fredericton Super Hero Walk Running Room









Hug of the Week  ,Brought to you by Canada’s Huggable Car Dealer 

Fuel for Thought......Jim Gilbert

Fuel for Thought……Jim Gilbert








 Astral radio



Advertising Representative

Astral Radio




In fact, you can get more of almost anything in life. Jim Gilberts, Wheels and Deals, Usedcardeals, Fredericton, Brian Tracy,

Recently  a study conducted by the Harvard Business Review, which listed the top 5 career regrets among professionals young and old, in various industries.

They are:

  • I wish I hadn’t taken the job for money
  • I wish I had quit earlier
  • I wish I had the confidence to start my own business
  • I wish I had used my time at school more productively
  • I wish I had acted on my career hunches

What’s interesting about this study is that you can make more money, build more confidence, or quit the job that makes you unhappy, to do more of what you love…

In fact, you can get more of almost anything in life. But there’s ONE thing you absolutely CANNOT get more of… Time.

You can’t get more time. No one can. Time is the greatest commodity you have. And once it’s gone, you too will probably have one or more of the above regrets.

That’s why it’s TIME to start inventing your future NOW. It’s time to think about leaving your legacy to the world.

“Brian Tracy”

A special webcast to help you increase your prosperity!

Inventing Your Future

3 Secrets for Dispelling Uncertainty, Claiming Your Confidence, & Attracting Prosperity
with Mary Morrissey

  • Are you interested in creating extraordinary results in your life?
  • Are you wondering how the great inventors and thinkers of the past overcame obstacles to create the future we are living in now?

Join us Saturday April 27th at 10AM (PST)
for a complimentary 75-minute LIVE video cast with Mary Morrissey.

Mary will deliver extraordinary insights and stories from great thinkers and inventors like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Wannamaker to illuminate just how you too can overcome seemingly impossible challenges and invent your future!

Hugs From Jim Gilbert

Fuel for Thought......Jim Gilbert

Fuel for Thought……Jim Gilbert




“To the givers go the spoils”:By encouraging employees to both seek and provide help, rewarding givers, and screening out takers, companies can reap significant and lasting benefits, Wheels and Deals, usedacardeals, Fredericton

Givers take all: This article was sent to me by a partner company of Wheels and Deals…Walkaway Credit Protection..I wanted to share it with you…………                      

The hidden dimension of corporate culture

Adam Grant

By encouraging employees to both seek and provide help, rewarding givers, and screening out takers, companies can reap significant and lasting benefits.

The problem

Many organizations don’t support information sharing. Worse,
in “taker cultures” the norm is for employees to get as much

as possible from others while contributing less in return.

Why it matters

The amount of help a group’s members give one another
is among the strongest predictors of group effectiveness. Building
a “giver culture” pays.

What to do about it

Natural human tendencies often make it hard to seek help. Overcome them with straightforward exercises that encourage teams

to use their knowledge, resources, and connections to better effect.

Develop practices to recognize and reward helping. Peer-bonus
and -recognition programs promote giver cultures without undercut-

ting the healthy competition that drives productivity.

Learn how to spot—and screen out—takers to minimize their corrosive effect on the organization; ensure that senior executives model good behavior.

MQ Article Givers Take All (Apr 2013)


I hope you are well.

From time-to-time I like to  share worthwhile information that may benefit people both personally and/or professionally.

The latest article I read is no exception so I hope you don’t mind me sharing it with you today.  In fact, it’s one of the best I have read in a long while.  The article is called “Givers take all: The hidden dimension of corporate culture”.

“To the givers go the spoils”.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Warmest regards,

Robert K. Varga

President, WALKAWAY Canada Incorporated

Walkaway  Credit Protection

Walkaway Credit Protection                              

Fuel for Thought......Jim Gilbert

Fuel for Thought……Jim Gilbert

Jim Gilbert’s Wheels and Deals, Hug of the Week, goes to Buck Matheson, fund raising Oromocto and area food and clothing bank…Astral radio


Buck Matheson

Buck Matheson

Hug of the week brought to you be Canada’s Huggable Car Dealer and Astral Radio, special thank you to Camden Anderson of Astral Radio for the great choices….Hugs Jim

Oromocto Food Bank

Mission Statement

We will fight hunger by providing our clients with short term emergency food and clothing.
We will strive to create community partnerships that will direct our clients to the resources that will empower them to help themselves and their families in times of crisis.

We have Moved In!  Oromocto Food Bank

                                                                                 We are now accepting Food and Clothing Donations at our new location – 101 D’Amours!

 (Behind Shoulten’s and next to the SPCA!)Clothing Donations IMG_3432

Food Donation Wish List for March 2013!

  • Baby Food
  • Canned Fruit
  • Fruit cups for lunch snacks
  • School Snaks
  • Cereal
  • Canned Meats – tuna, salmon, chicken, ham, etc.
  • Canned Vegetables
  • Children’s Spring Clothing
  • Rubber Boots

To make a donation please come during our office hours 

Thank you for your Support!

Wheels and Deals Hug of the Week goes to Christa McKeil of Burtt’s Corner…Presented by Canada’s Huggable Car Dealer and Astral Radio


Hug of the Week..presented by Jim Gilbert’s Wheels and Deals and Astral Radio…Thank you Camden Anderson  

Press Release

Northumberland Dairy Announces Pure New Brunswick Hero

Christa McKeil..Hug of the Week

Christa McKeil..Hug of the Week

May 25th 2012

Keswick, NB, – With loud cheers and much appreciation, students, administrators and volunteers of Keswick Valley Memorial School (KVMS), surprised their hero, school librarian Christa McKeil, with the title of Northumberland’s Pure New Brunswick Hero. The award was presented during a school assembly on Friday morning.

Northumberland Dairy held a contest during the months of March and April to nominate everyday heroes that make New Brunswick a great place. Finalists were selected and an online vote determined the winner. The finalist with the most online votes was awarded the title and $2,500 and the nominator won $500.

“Christa McKeil is Northumberland’s 2012 Pure New Brunswick Hero,” said Jack Christie, General Manager of Northumberland Co-operative Dairy. “She embodies what makes our province great – putting others before ourselves and truly taking care of our neighbours. These are qualities Northumberland holds dear and we are so pleased to be able to recognize Christa for what she does. ”

McKeil was nominated for the award by her co-worker Lisa Brewer. “We had a lot of support from the school and community,” said Brewer. “Christa has supported, loved, coached and been instrumental in molding the hearts and minds of the youth that pass through the halls of KVMS. She goes beyond the call of duty to make Keswick a better place to live. She does all this on top of being a wonderful wife and loving mother of two.”

On top of her daytime job, McKeil has coached the boys and girl’s badminton, soccer, softball, basket ball and volleyball teams of KVMS for 17 years. Her bottle drives and canteen sales help raise funds for player and team registrations.

McKeil has also: – Organized and instructed a summer basketball camp for the past five years. – Run the school breakfast program, including the weekly shopping needed to feed 250 students a nutritious breakfast. – Promoted healthy living by organizing the Healthy Learners Program at the school for the past 3 years. – Conducted free weekly literacy and wellness programs for newborn to 5 year olds through a community outreach program. – Started a local walking club, opening up the school and allowing residents to walk the halls.

“I couldn’t ask for a better employee or volunteer,ヤ said Wayne Annis, Principal of KVMS. モShowcasing how much we appreciate all that Christa does for us has truly brought our school even closer together. Today is a very proud day for us all.”

Northumberland Dairy, the only New Brunswick owned fluid dairy, processes milk at Miramichi for distribution throughout New Brunswick. It also distributes ice cream and frozen food throughout the province.

Photo (From left to right, Principal Wayne Annis, Keswick Valley Memorial School; Northumberland Pure New Brunswick Hero, Christa McKeil; Winner Nominator, Lisa Brewer; Northumberland Sales Representative, Ron Wilkins).

Jim Gilbert Hug of the Week

Jim Gilbert Hug of the Week

Canadian Ringette Nationals Fredericton New Brunswick Calgary U19 Jim Gilbert’s Wheels and Deals adopted Team

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Canada’s Huggable Car Dealer would like to congratulate Team Calgary U19 on receiving the Agnes Jacks Award at the Canadian Ringette Nationals in Fredericton NB. In Wheels and Deals terminology this is for being the most Huggable Team. Being in business groups you get an opportunity to meet and learn from many other people. Karen Chown is the Vice President of TEC Canada the worlds premier Business Coaching and Mastermind sharing organization. Her daughter Lauren is a forward with team Team Calgary and when Wheel and Deals found out Calgary was looking for a Team room. To cook meals and have team/parent get togethers we offered our boardroom to them for the week.

As usual the giver always benefits; the team and girls found a place to call their home away from home. My wife Dawna and I were rewarded with the memories of the fun days we had and enjoyed when our daughter Chelsea played Ringette and hockey and the team parties we still talk about when our son Alex was a hockey player. So to the U19 Calgary girls, white hatting me was an honor, watching you play and give your all was exciting but most of all just having you and your parents around and taking me back to some of my best memories I shared with my children was an experience I will again cherish for life.

Good luck in your future, work hard and honest, live the life you want and always remember. You make yourself the happiness when you are giving not receiving. “People do not care how much you know, till they know how much you care”

Thank you for taking back and making me feel 20 years younger, Hugs Jim

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No. Player Pos. Shoots Ht Age Hometown
5 Karli Pischke C R Calgary, AB
6 Lauren Chown F R Calgary, AB
8 Justine Exner F R Calgary, AB
10 Jolene Culkin F L Calgary, AB
11 Holleigh Ward F R Calgary, AB
12 Reva Muise F R Calgary, AB
14 Lindsey Geddes C R Calgary, AB
15 Leah Wells F R Calgary, AB
18 Jasmine Bearss C R Calgary, AB
No. Player Pos. Shoots Ht Age Hometown
2 Jessica Middleton D L Calgary, AB
3 Saige Petros D R Calgary, AB
4 Rachel Grant D R Calgary, AB
7 Josie Robostan D R Calgary, AB
9 Alison Tod D L Calgary, AB
16 Tori George D R Calgary, AB
No. Player Pos. Catches Ht Age Hometown
1 Ellen Hoban G Calgary, AB
31 Brynn Tarnowsky G R Calgary, AB
General Manager
Shelley Geddes
Paul Geddes, Head Coach
Allison Cronin, Assistant Coach
Barb Bautista, Assistant Coach

You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.

You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.” – Dale Carnegie,How to Win Friends and Influence People

I don’t care what your goals, industry or interests are, there’s no getting around it: Personal relationships run the world. But why is it that some people seem to build instant rapport with most anyone they come across, while others are left with a network of one?


This is part of a note I sent to our WALKAWAY field team today.  I thought you and your network would appreciate it and benefit from it…

Did you know that it’s a proven fact that people who make helping and connecting people part of their daily business & personal life are more successful?  I am no Warren Buffet (or Rocket Scientist for that matter), but for what it’s worth, I can assure you that I am living, breathing proof of this ideal and it’s the single biggest contributor to my personal & professional life.

Here’s a quote; “It all comes back to helping others. If you spent 100% of your waking hours thinking about how you can help absolutely everyone you come in contact with — from the woman who makes your latte, to the top authority in your industry — you will find everything else tends to take care of itself. The world will suddenly be in your corner.”

Article link, The 7 Pillars of Connecting With Absolutely Anyone –

If you didn’t read another self-help business article or book, read this one.  If you commit to doing absolutely everything it says, every single day, you will all be more successful.  It’s totally up to you.

Regards,   Robert K. Varga                                                                                                         Walkaway logo
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