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Businesses growing Business TEC 390/391 Interview TEC Chair Mike Mallory and TEC Member Jim Gilbert CHCDTV

“Work on your business, Not in your business”.  TEC gives business Leaders the Unfair Advantage…  What is TEC, how can being in a successful peer group grow your business. Watch and listen from the inside – out, what do winners talk about? …Learning, Doing, Hugging…

  short version of CHCDTV interview (5 min)

 Full Interview (15 min)

The TEC Advantage

The TEC advantage is our proven leadership development model created from extensive research, insight from thousands of members, and decades of work with senior executives.

The power of TEC membership is found in four core areas: Confidential Group, One-to-One Mentorship, Business Thought Leadership and Global Membership.

Confidential Group

Enhance and grow your leadership abilites through confidential group meetings with innovative senior leaders, led by an accomplished Chair. In your TEC Canada group you will:

  • Connect with a diverse, trusted group of successful peers committed to helping advance your business
  • Get direct, honest, unbiased feedback from your group members as you challenge and inspire each other
One-to-One Mentorship

Mentorship is a critical element of leadership development. Through one-to-one meetings with your group Chair, you’ll make detailed plans to achieve your goals:

  • Explore personal, professional and business growth strategies in a challenging yet safe environment
  • Get a new perspective on issues and ideas
  • Be held accountable for achieving what you’ve set out to accomplish
Business Thought Leadership

Bridge the gap between theory and practice with action-oriented insights and MBA-calibre resources:

  • Interact with leading business experts in learning sessions that arm you with action plans you can implement immediately
  • Access real-world best practices, provocative white papers and exclusive HBR content through MyTEC, our local and global member portal
Global Membership

With a global membership of over 19,000 leaders worldwide, our affiliation with Vistage International means the world’s business community is closer than you think:

  • Gain a broader perspective of the global marketplace
  • Expand your business network and identify new opportunities for growth
  • Meet face-to-face with fellow TEC/Vistage members at regular global conferences

Wheels and Deals Cruise Ship Winners for April are Debbie and Ashley Goodine

Every month during 2015, Wheels and Deals will be giving away a free Caribbean Cruise to a lucky customer. Cruise is drawn monthly from vehicle purchases that month. Changes are great and the cruise is Huggable..

You could win a Free Cruise

Win with Canada’s Huggable Car Dealer 

Wayne Jagoe Catalyst Of Change & Idea Agent on CHCDTV with Jim Gilbert Wheels and Deals

Enacity | The Un Agency

Wayne Jagoe is the founder of Enacity | The Un-Agency™, a non-traditional creative firm that helps underdogs change the world by battling the bigger guys on their own terms. Wayne does this by thinking outside of the box leveraging Innovation Insight™, a strategic & tactile Innovation process, BrainStorming 2.0™, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ workshops, seminars and a variety of proprietary methodology and materials.

Wayne was also the founder of The Belton Group – An Ideas Company located in Fredericton & Vancouver and created the first online Dining Guide in Atlantic Canada, DineAid.Com in 1997 [Precursor to Yelp] which was later sold to Kostuch Publication in 2003.

Wayne graduated from St. Andrews Community College, where he won the Judson Food Creativity Award and Student of The Year. Wayne’s culinary background and personality led him to be featured on The Leading Edge television series, appear as Guest Chef on Maritimes Today and then later on CBC Television with his own cooking segment, Cooking 101.

In 2004 Wayne wrote his first book, Eat This! Observations of Successful Restaurateurs, based on his experiences in the Hospitality Industry.

Wayne is currently writing his next book, Customer-Centered Sex… Give Your Customers What They Really Want!

Janelle Fraser, International Speaker, Trainer, & Success Coach on CHCDTV with Jim Gilbert Canada’s Huggable Car Dealer. Learn about Janelle and enjoy one of the most rewarding journeys of your life and we guarantee it!

What is the difference between happy and unhappy people or successful and unsuccessful people? What separates the leaders from the followers? Is there any area of your life you want to experience more happiness and success? Are you interested in being a leader that people love to follow?

The answer is simple… It’s all in your thinking. You may not believe me yet, but that’s what my other clients said just before they realized the impact of their thoughts on their reality. The genuinely happy, wildly successful, and dynamic leaders of today have a mind-set that is different from the general population and it is this distinction that has allowed them to rise to the top.
Janelle firmly believes that coaching is a “do-with” process as there is nothing she can do-to-you to magically get the life you want. A coach is simply a tour guide (highly skilled with a few tricks up their sleeve) and works with the client to get the desired results. Together you and Janelle will design a coaching plan that fits your needs and goals.

The following may be a new way of looking at personal and professional development, but if you really want results you will have to consider this. If your knowledge on the unconscious mind is limited please refer to “What is heck is my unconscious mind” for further understanding. After all, your unconscious mind keeps you alive!

Can you remember a time where you made a conscious decision to change a behavior, or act differently? Of all the times you have done this, how many of those changes actually lasted (be honest)? Not many! This is because you were making conscious change and all behavior, change, and learning is unconscious and therefore, we need to work with both the conscious and unconscious mind to create lasting change. This contributes to the reason Janelle is comfortable guaranteeing her results as a coach.

Janelle guarantee’s your results when you hire her as your coach; based on her experience her clients always get results (which is relatively unheard of in the coaching community). What this means is that she has strict selection criteria for personal clients. Therefore, individuals interested in personal coaching must be serious about taking their personal or professional development to the next level and must be willing to do whatever it takes to move themselves past their obstacles.

“I do not believe in “quick fixes” or “temporary” solutions which is why I very rarely do 1 session. However, it is very common my clients are achieving results after only 1 session. My private clients are committed to their results and can expect to invest 4-5 figures depending on the value and results they wish to obtain. All coaching relationships are unique”

Book a Strategy Session with Janelle

Contact us today for more information at 506-261-1661 or

  • International Speaker, Trainer, & Success Coach
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming Board Certified Trainer & Master Practitioner
  • Time Line Therapy® Board Certified Trainer & Master Practitioner
  • Hypnotherapy Board Certified Instructor & Master Hypnotist
  • NLP Coaching Board Certified Trainer & Master Coach
  • University Degree: Kinesiology & Psychology
  • Certified Yoga Instructor

What we do best at Mayday Fine Print Marilyn Wilson, Jamie Rickard on CHCDTV Jim Gilbert

Welcome to Mayday Group

There are many companies who are experiencing difficulty standing out, retaining customers and being remembered. As a result, they are not allowing their business to reach it’s true potential.

At Mayday Group Inc., we’ve got solutions.

We produce professional printing on time and on budget. With our experienced and dedicated staff, you will find it easier than ever to have your printing needs done. Whether you prefer to use your own design, choose from thousands of templates on our website, or wish to have help creating a custom design – we offer all of these services to you.

But that’s not all. We have over 100,000 items that would look great imprinted with your logo or message. Pens, mugs & tote bags are just a few products we provide that are perfect for giveaways, store promotions and trade shows.

We’re here to help. Contact us and we will find a way to ensure that You’re Remembered.

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