2019 Bennington Pontoon Boat 22 S CRUISE PREMIUM at Jim Gilbert’s Wheels and Deals

In 1997, a small group of industry veterans set out to build a boat brand focused on being the best built and never the largest. Those same founders and values are still the core of Bennington. We felt then, and still believe that when you do the right thing, everything else falls into place. Today, Bennington is family owned and operated with multiple generations of many families. We invite you to be a part of our Bennington family

Quietest pontoon ride in the industry

Our thicker cross channels provide more vertical strength than the typical channels found on most pontoons. This combined with our extruded M-deck brackets and fanged elevator bolted deck construction minimizes twisting and provides the most solid, quiet pontoon ride in the industry.

 Fully-welded aluminum construction ensures a far stronger and more rigid structure over the faster and cheaper method of single or even double surface welds. See Jim Gilberts Wheels and Deals for the best boat buying experience you will ever have. 

2019 Bennington Pontoon Boat
Boat Show Pricing


Boat Show Pricing


WE WANT TO BE YOUR BOAT DEALER; You will Love our Extra’s when you buy Ponton , Speed or Fishing Boat from Huggable: Preferred discount rate on service – Preferred discount rate on accessories – Preferred discount rate on parts – Free Full Tank of Gas – Free Detailing Kit – Free Delivery – Free Boat Safety Kit – Free Anchor, Chain & Rope – Free Life Vests (4) – Free Fire Extinguisher – Free Dock lines (2) – Free Paddle  – Free Air Horn – On the water Personalized Orientation – Singing Huggable Teddy Bear – Yearly Thank you gifts on your birthday.

Yes, you CAN own a Bennington. Go from dreaming of a pontoon boat to actually owning one. The uncompromising value and quality of the Bennington S series will have you anticipating your next trip on the water. We’ve combined comfort, style, and function in models ranging from 16′-25′. Make Canada’s Huggable Car & PowerSports Dealer Your Boat Dealer

2019 Bennington Brochure

Metallic White/Ocean Blue – 10 people – Max Engine – 115hp – 10 Year Warranty .

Chelsea Davis says Buy your Boat at Huggable Today

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0% interest does it cost more or less, why buying Nused may just help you out of the debt Spiral

Seth VanHorne:Hey, folks. Seth VanHorne here at Wheels and Deals, and today I’m going to share with you a few reasons why buying a used vehicle is a great option over buying new. Canada’s Huggable Car & PowerSports Dealer

The first reason is according to Edmunds car research, a new vehicle suffers a depreciation rate of about 22% in the first year. Because my nearly-new vehicles have already suffered that great rate of depreciation, the depreciation rate flattens out, which means when it comes time for used car buyers to trade their vehicles in or to sell it privately, they suffer a much lesser loss than if they had a new vehicle. 


Another reason is many people believe they’re going to save thousands of dollars taking advantage of manufacturer’s low interest rates, however these low interest rates are usually an illusion just to take your eyes off the larger price. With my nearly-new vehicles, you’re going to be on the hook to the bank for a much lower financial obligation.

Another reason to buy used, if a customer has had some credit hiccups in the past, and let’s be honest in this day and age that’s quite common, most manufacturers won’t have a payment option for credit-challenged customers. I specialize in helping these customers get into a newer vehicle at a reasonable payment, so to get them out of that dreaded spiral of debt. 


The last reason I’m going to share with you on why buying used is a great idea is because of the decreased price in my vehicles. You can use that extra money to get yourself into a more expensive vehicle or a higher trim level of vehicle you want. You can also use that money to register an extended warranty, which usually far exceeds what the manufacturer’s warranty is.

These are just a few of the reasons why buying used is a great option over buying new, and I look forward to helping new customers in the future, and I always love to see my current customers come back for their next vehicle. If you have any questions regarding buying vehicles or financing, give me a call, 506-238-3955. Or stop in at visit me at 402 St. Marys Street in Fredericton, New Brunswick. See you soon, guys. Make Seth VanHorne Your Car Guy .     

Free No Commitment Pre-Approvals 

Make Seth VanHorne Your Car Guy

Divorce does not have to Hurt your Credit

Divorce does not have to be a  catalyst for landing an ex-couple’s credit scores in the toilet. Yes, it can seem overwhelming but our skilled Finance Team Managers Rapid Discrete Financing can help you secure low rate financing even if you are low on funds and need to buy a good safe car.

Even for those with severely damaged credit or no credit, period, all hope is not lost, says Jim Gilbert. Even if your credit is wrecked in the divorce, you still have options for financing a car,” says Jim” People with damaged credit or no credit will get the benefit of doubt with Rapid Pre-Approval at Wheels and Deals  auto financing.”

Approved copy.jpeg

In a divorce, any joint debt held by both spouses continues to be reported on both credit reports until the note is retired or one party’s name is removed from the contract, “says  Jim ” If you still have a joint auto loan on the vehicle your ex is keeping and supposed to be paying, that car payment affects your credit score and could affect your lender’s evaluation of your ability to take on another car payment,” he explains.

Consider working with your ex to remove your name from any outstanding debt, and the title to any vehicle you are attached to but no longer own. This will protect your credit score from your ex’s late or missed payments in the future.  Any negative history will impact your credit score for up to seven years. But if you understand the details of your credit history . Our properly trained financial services managers, can pull and review your credit history with you and be  able to make a stronger case for your qualifications as a borrower.

If you face a low credit score and an unreliable recent income history, it’s time to get down to business. Here’s a plan of attack for landing an auto loan with affordable terms:

Get Pre-Approved
Jim says try us  first Rapid Discrete Pre-Approvals   and give us the day to work for you and get you financed because in the event you shop  multiple dealers, each will create an inquiry on your credit report, which can impact your score.

Be a Loyal Customer
“Wheels and Deals can get you the lowest rate because it is less expensive for us sell to a loyal customer than to find a new one. Plus the banks love our high sales volumes which also lower your interest rates. You are a winner at Wheels and Deals.

Prove Your Income
Credit history aside, surprisingly most of the time our Finance Team at Wheels and Deals  Rapid Discrete Financing  can have your income verification waived.  Jim says. In nearly every divorce, each person’s income is lower than when they were a married couple. So this works in your favour to..

That said, income is income, and if you now receive spousal or child support, or recently landed a part-time job, the lender must consider it all equally.

Tell Your Story
Electronically generated credit scores are not the only factor in lending decisions. Humans have a say, too. “Tell us your story of what happened,” Jim says. “Let us help  prove that you have always been responsible and explain your recent change in credit history, that can go a long way.” Ps (We know what works)

By showing your credit and income history; records of consistent, on-time payments; and bank and loan documents proving a stable work history, it is easier to prove that your recent change in family status is indeed a temporary challenge.

Consider a Co-Signer
A solid last resort is to find a credit-worthy co-signer who is willing to help out. This person should have a stable history of credit, income and residence, as well as proof of the ability to cover the loan in the event you lapse. Immediate relatives — especially those who live nearby — are the most attractive to lenders, Jones says.

Do Not Despair
In most cases, people with no credit or poor credit do find reasonable financing for a car at Canada’s Huggable Car Dealer ( Lenders love us and our customers) . If you need to accept a loan with a high interest rate, you can always refinance or buy another vehicle under better terms in a few years when you are back on your feet and your credit has improved.

“I’ve seen people go from qualifying for terms of 16 percent APR to 4 percent APR in two years,” Jim says. Again, sticking with us,  Wheels and Deals during this transition period can better your chances of graduating into more attractive terms.

And remember: The negative impact of divorce, like most things in life, does not have to last forever. In fact, the Credit.com survey found that 37 percent of respondents saw their credit score improve post-divorce.

GAP Insurance Protects Your Credit!

Auto Insurance Isn’t Always Enough. Protecting  Your Credit with GAP insurance makes sure that in the event of a total loss, you will receive an amount of compensation that fully covers the amount owing on the insured’s financing/lease agreement.  GAP is a form of automotive insurance that can be purchased if the insured vehicle’s book value is less than the remaining amount owed for the vehicle. Taxes and negative financing silently add up. Negative equity — when your car is worth less than what you owe on it.

Vehicle thefts and car accidents are traumatic enough for your customers. So imagine their frustration when the vehicle is rendered a total loss, and the insurance payment doesn’t even cover the amount they still owe — much less a down payment on another car. Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP Protection) from EFG Companies fills that critical gap for your valued customers, strengthening customer satisfaction while helping you increase your profit per unit sold.

GAP Protection: Customer selling points

In the event of theft or total loss, GAP protection provides valuable protection to your customers on both new and used vehicles by:

  • Making up the difference between the value of the vehicle and the amount owed in the event of theft or a total loss, up to $50,000
  • Paying up to $1,000 of the insurance deductible if the vehicle is recovered from theft
  • Paying up to 150 percent of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price on new cars and up to 150 percent of the average retail book value for used cars in the event of a total loss or unrecovered theft
  • Preserving each GAP protection contract holder’s credit rating by preventing debt accumulation

Gap Insurance info


Walkaway is it worth it? Here is a sample of “6” of 14 of March’s Claims. Would’t you love your Credit to be Protected.. at Wheels and Deals you are protected….

Walkaway Credit Protection Free from  Wheels and Deals ……. Another Hug for you from us….. hugs jim Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 3.59.50 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-15 at 4.00.32 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 4.00.12 PM

What is it?

WALKAWAY is a series of smart, responsible, debt protection products that guard you against unexpected circumstances which can make it difficult to make the payments on your vehicle’s lease or loan. If something unexpected happens to you – like experiencing a physical disability or losing your job – our unique products can eliminate your vehicle debt or make payments on your behalf.

Protection from the unexpected.

WALKAWAY Protection assists vehicle buyers who experience:

  • – Involuntary Unemployment
  • – Physical Disability
  • – Loss of Driver’s Licence (Age & Medical)
  • – Accidental Death
  • – Self-Employed Personal Bankruptcy
  • – Critical Illness requiring Hospitalization
  • – Temporary Job Layoff
  • – Mental Disability
  • – Self-Employed Disability
  • – Family/Medical Leave of Absence

Click here find the right coverage for you.

The WALKAWAY difference:
Our products protect everyone.

Qualifying for WALKAWAY is different from other products:
  • – No pre-existing health exclusions
  • – No health questions or good health statements
  • – No employment questions
  • – No age limits on complimentary coverage

Our products protect everyone. Our WALKAWAY dealers have taken back more vehicles, from more people in distress, for more different reasons, than any other debt protection product.

The first year is yours – compliments of the dealership.

Every vehicle financed or leased at an authorized WALKAWAY dealership comes with one year of complimentary protection.

You can choose extended coverage for the full length of your financing term, upgrade your protection to cover more circumstances, or even add payment relief to help keep you in your vehicle through difficult times. Whether you choose to extend or not – the first year is complimentary – your WALKAWAY dealership is picking up the tab.

Why choose a WALKAWAY Dealership?

Why not! Every vehicle, leased or financed is protection. The coverage is extensive and can eliminate most (if not all) of your vehicle debt should life not go as planned.  Find an authorized WALKAWAY dealership today.

Wheels and Deals your Exclusive Walkaway Used Car Dealer…..

Shout out to “Where there is a Will, there is a Way” Thanks for the welcome and yes Will Venator did fulfill my expectations and more within a couple of hours I drove home my wonderful new to me car, Wheels and Deals, usedcardeals, Fredericton

Jim,   www,wheelsanddeals.ca

Thanks for the welcome and yes Will Venator did fulfill my expectations and more.  I wasn’t really looking and didn’t think i would be able to purchase a new car at this time but Will made it so easy and it was so quick, i drove in with a rental and within a couple of hours drove home my wonderful new car.

1.  I would rate my experience as a 10 definetly.  Will is a great saleman and it is no wonder he has won awards, he was very easy to talk to and explained everything and even told my daughter and i how we could each improve our credit ratings, he took us on a tour of your facility and told us how each car is checked over top to bottom, end to end before it is put on the lot.

2.  I have already recommended Jim Gilberts to my co-workers and to some of my family members, so yes i would.

3.  It was actually my daughter’s idea to stop that day but i have seen and heard many ads for Jim Gilberts and some of my friends have purchased vehicles from you and have had great experiences.  I had also checked out your website.

Again thank you for the wonderful experience and my new car!

Estella Ward       ESTELLA WARD



Fastest Funds




Ask the Expert 2013- 12 of12 Part Credit Tips Series As read in The Daily Gleaner Newspaper, Fredericton New Brunswick, Improving and Rebuilding your credit…

Q- Jim, how can I check my credit score?  www.wheelsanddeals.ca

A…Credit Tips 12- We can do it for you at Wheels and Deals, just come on over and see one of our specially trained Financial and sales Professionals or you can contact Equifax Canada National Consumer Relations P.O. Box 190 Station Jean-Talon, Montreal, Quebec, H1S 2Z2 (1-800-465-7166)—TransUnion Canada Consumer relations Centre P.O. Box 338 LCD 1 Hamilton Ontario L8L 7W2 (1-866-525-0262)

You can also get a copy “Understanding Your Credit Report,Credit Score” by contacting  www.wheelsanddeals.ca or Financial Consumer Agency of Canada info@fcac.gc.ca…I hope the past 12 weeks of reading my credit history Tips have helped you. Hugs Jim

http://www.transunion.ca/          http://www.consumer.equifax.ca/home/

TransUnion Credit                        EfxLogo

Ask the Expert...Jim Gilbert
Ask the Expert…Jim Gilbert

Ask the Expert…. mailto:gilbert@wheelsanddeals.ca

Canada's Huggable Car Dealer Cares
Canada’s Huggable Car Dealer Cares

Ask the Expert 2013- 11 of12 Part Credit Tips Series As read in The Daily Gleaner Newspaper, Fredericton New Brunswick, Improving and Rebuilding your credit…

Q-Jim, what should I, not do that may affect my credit?   www.wheelsanddeals.ca

A..Credit Tips..11- Do not accept or use any form of credit until you understand the terms and conditions; this avoids misunderstandings between you and your credit issuer. Do not wait to report unauthorized transactions, contact your credit issuer immediately. Do not go over your credit limit on your credit cards. Your credit is your future and your responsibility. If you asked someone to trust you, stay trust worthy. Think before you spend, buying newer used vehicles from Wheels and Deals, will lower your debt, lower your monthly payment and save you money…Save your money for a rainy day…Hugs Jim..(next week Tip, how to check your credit scores)

Buy a Good Newer Used Vehicle
Buy a Good Newer Used Vehicle

Ask the Expert...Jim Gilbert
Ask the Expert…Jim Gilbert

Ask the Expert…   mailto:gilbert@wheelsanddeals.ca

Ask the Expert 2013- 10 of12 Part Credit Tips Series As read in The Daily Gleaner Newspaper, Fredericton New Brunswick, Improving and Rebuilding your credit…

Q-Jim, how can I maintain a good credit history?   www.wheelsanddeals.ca

A…Credit Tips..10- There are a number of things you can do to build and maintain a good credit history.  Do’s..Pay your bills on time. Pay your bills in full or at least pay minimum statement balances. Contact creditors if you are having trouble making payments before they contact you. Make sure your monthly statements are correct. Read your statements stay up to date on any changes in your terms and conditions. Deal with well know and trusted companies. Get a copy of your credit report and review once a year.  ..(next week Tip, what you should not do)

Don't be late

Ask the Expert...Jim Gilbert
Ask the Expert…Jim Gilbert

Ask the Expert…   mailto:gilbert@wheelsanddeals.ca

Ask the Expert 2013- 9 of12 Part Credit Tips Series As read in The Daily Gleaner Newspaper, Fredericton New Brunswick, Improving and Rebuilding your credit…

Q- Jim, how can I build a credit history besides buying a car from Wheels and Deals. www.wheelsanddeals.ca

A…Credit Tips…9- It is important to have good credit. You can begin one by using a credit card wisely. The issuer will start reporting your use and you will start building a credit history. Use it and pay it off monthly. If you are having difficulty obtaining a credit card (no credit history, new to country, bankruptcy, bad credit history) get a secured credit card you deposit up front money but you do build or rebuild credit with proper use. Once your credit history is considered satisfactory you will be eligible for a loan and standard credit card. ..(next week Tip, on maintaining Good Credit history)

It is important to have good credit
It is important to have good credit

Ask the Expert...Jim Gilbert
Ask the Expert…Jim Gilbert

Ask the Expert…   mailto:gilbert@wheelsanddeals.ca

Ask the Expert 2013- 8 of12 Part Credit Tips Series As read in The Daily Gleaner Newspaper, Fredericton New Brunswick, Improving and Rebuilding your credit…

Q- Jim, How can I improve my credit score?   www.wheelsanddeals.ca

A…Credit Tips…8- If your credit score is not as high as you like, are you paying higher interest rates or worst you cannot obtain a car loan and need to get to work! Improve your credit score, always pay your bills on time, utility bills, phone, cable, electricity, etc. Pay at least the minimum amounts on your monthly statements and reduce credit cards and loans to 35% balances. Pay your debts on time. Do not go over your credit limits on credit lines and credit cards. Reduce number of credit applications (credit hits). Make sure you have a credit history, surprisingly bad credit is better than no credit..(next week Tip, on Building Credit History)

Organize Your Bills
Organize Your Bills

Ask the Expert...Jim Gilbert
Ask the Expert…Jim Gilbert

Ask the Expert…   mailto:gilbert@wheelsanddeals.ca

Ask the Expert 2013- 7 of12 Part Credit Tips Series As read in The Daily Gleaner Newspaper, Fredericton New Brunswick, Improving and Rebuilding your credit…

Q- Jim, Do you have information on Canadian delinquency rates?  www.wheelsanddeals.ca

A…Credit Tips…7- Yes, delinquency rate or credit risk based on credit scores again 300 being low and 900 being a high credit score in Canada are: 300 to 499 has a 78% delinquency rate, 500 to 549 has 60% delinquency rate, 550 to 599 has a 39% delinquency rate, 600 to 649 has a 23% delinquency rate, 650 to 699 has a 12% delinquency rate, 700 to 749 has a 5% delinquency rate, 750 to 799 has a 2% delinquency rate, 800 plus has a 1% delinquency rate. It is simple to see why some people are paying 5% interest rate and some people 25% interest rate, it is all about how you honor your commitment. Credit Cards have high interest rates for everyone…lower or pay your balance monthly…(next week Tips, on Improving Credit Scores)

Honor Your Commitments
Honor Your Commitment

Ask the Expert...Jim Gilbert
Ask the Expert…Jim Gilbert

Ask the Expert…   mailto:gilbert@wheelsanddeals.ca

Ask the Expert 2013- 6 of12 Part Credit Tips Series As read in The Daily Gleaner Newspaper, Fredericton New Brunswick, Improving and Rebuilding your credit…

Q-Jim, where does my credit score rank me among other Canadians?   www.wheelsanddeals.ca

A…Credit Tips…6- National distribution of where Canadians are based on a 300 low and 900 high credit score is: 300 to 549 only 4% of population, 550 to 599 again is 4%, 600 to 649 is 6% of population, 650 to 699 is 11% of population, 700 to 749 of 19% of population, 750 to 799 is 27% of population, 800 to 849 is 24% of population, 850 plus is 5% of population. Your placement affects lenders polices towards you…..(next week Tip, on Delinquency rates)

Ask the Expert;  mailto:gilbert@wheelsanddeals.ca

Ask the Expert...Jim Gilbert
     Ask the Expert…Jim Gilbert

What % is Your Credit
What % is Your Credit


Ask the Expert 2013- 5 of12 Part Credit Tips Series As read in The Daily Gleaner Newspaper, Fredericton New Brunswick, Improving and Rebuilding your credit…

Q- Jim, what are the top factors that might lower my Credit score?     www.wheelsanddeals.ca

A…Credit Tips …5- Factors lowering your credit score are, there you have to many consumer finance accounts on your credit report, also having to much available credit can actually hurt you (close a few accounts & reduce credit limits). Your account balances are to high, you are spending more than you can afford (keep your credit cards below 35% of limits). There is not enough recent info on your credit report (You need to use credit regularly but sparingly to have a credit history). Your loan balances are to high, high debt levels signal lenders you are over spending (owing balances above 35-50% lowers your scores and worries lenders) ..(next week Tip, on your Credit Score rankings)

Ask the Expert...Jim Gilbert
Ask the Expert…Jim Gilbert

Ask the Expert: mailto:gilbert@wheelsanddeals.ca

Build Trust
Build Trust

Ask the Expert 2013- 4 of12 Part Credit Tips Series As read in The Daily Gleaner Newspaper, Fredericton New Brunswick, Improving and Rebuilding your credit…Credit Tip 4

Q- Jim, what does a Credit score look like?      www.wheelsanddeals.ca

A…Credit Tips…4- In Canada there are two Credit reporting agencies. Trans Union and Equifax both use date based of your creditworthiness again based on 300 lowest to 900 highest (credit score). This shows how your credit ranks based on Canadian population by %(credit ranking). Then, where you fit in the lenders perspective (Very poor-Poor-Fair-Good-Very Good). Lenders decide if you can have a loan, amount of loan and interest rate with this info..(next week Tip, on what factors lower credit scores).

Ask the Expert...Jim Gilbert
Ask the Expert…Jim Gilbert..

http://www.transunion.ca/          http://www.consumer.equifax.ca/home/

TransUnion Credit                        EfxLogo

Ask the Expert…. mailto:gilbert@wheelsanddeals.ca

Ask the expert 2013-Part 1 of 12 Part Credit Tips Series As will be seen in The Daily Gleaner Newspaper Fredericton New Brunswick, Improving and Rebuilding your credit… Tip 1

Ask the expert January 2013- 12 Part Credit Tips Series,  The Daily Gleaner Newspaper Fredericton, Improving and Rebuilding your credit… Tip 1

Q- Jim, how could I improve or rebuild my credit?

A..Credit Tips… 1- Understand your credit report; it is a snapshot lenders use to decide (What kind of Risk you are). It contains personnel info, credit card, loan, mortgage, line of credit, info on bank accounts & if any NSF cheques, public records such as bankruptcy, judgments, lawsuits, secured loans, collection information, fraud warnings and credit inquires of you ..(next week Tip, on Credit Reports)

Have question contact Jim at        mailto:gilbert@wheelsanddeals.ca                                                                                              www.WheelsandDeals.ca

Jim Gilbert new business card photo 2013

Ask Questions

Ask the Expert 2013- 2 of12 Part Credit Tips Series As read in The Daily Gleaner Newspaper, Fredericton New Brunswick, Improving and Rebuilding your credit…

Q- Jim, what is a Credit Report?

A…Credit Tips…2- How your credit history is described; Credit agencies rate you 1 to 9 (1 you pay your bills with in 30 days, 9 you never pay your bills). A letter also appears – “I” means you have Credit on Installment basis – “O” Open Credit, buy now pay later plans, line of credit, student loans – “R” Revolving Credit, credit cards, etc. Payment charts indicate # of times you paid your bills, 30, 60, 90 days after date due. ..(next week Tip, on Credit Score) .

mailto:gilbert@wheelsanddeals.ca                                                                                                                                 www.WheelsandDeals.ca

Ask the Expert

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You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.

You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.” – Dale Carnegie,How to Win Friends and Influence People

I don’t care what your goals, industry or interests are, there’s no getting around it: Personal relationships run the world. But why is it that some people seem to build instant rapport with most anyone they come across, while others are left with a network of one?


This is part of a note I sent to our WALKAWAY field team today.  I thought you and your network would appreciate it and benefit from it…

Did you know that it’s a proven fact that people who make helping and connecting people part of their daily business & personal life are more successful?  I am no Warren Buffet (or Rocket Scientist for that matter), but for what it’s worth, I can assure you that I am living, breathing proof of this ideal and it’s the single biggest contributor to my personal & professional life.

Here’s a quote; “It all comes back to helping others. If you spent 100% of your waking hours thinking about how you can help absolutely everyone you come in contact with — from the woman who makes your latte, to the top authority in your industry — you will find everything else tends to take care of itself. The world will suddenly be in your corner.”

Article link, The 7 Pillars of Connecting With Absolutely Anyone – http://www.forbes.com/sites/theyec/2012/04/25/the-7-pillars-of-connecting-with-absolutely-anyone/

If you didn’t read another self-help business article or book, read this one.  If you commit to doing absolutely everything it says, every single day, you will all be more successful.  It’s totally up to you.

Regards,   Robert K. Varga                                                                                                         Walkaway logo

Mobile phone in a hand