There’s a vast difference between failure and temporary defeat.

Chelsea’s #Motorvational Wednesdays

Chelsea’s #Motorvational Wednesdays. The quote I’m going to use today actually relates to the #Motorvational segments: “There’s a vast difference between failure and temporary defeat.” I guess I’m making the choice now that I was temporarily defeated when I stopped doing these for a while. At that point in time, did feel like a kind of failure. I missed one or two and then I just didn’t know how to get back on the horse. It’s funny, you kind of read a few quotes and realize, yeah, do you want to know what? It’s my choice.

I have decided that I was not a failure. I was just temporarily defeated, and I’m back on the horse. Anything that maybe you stopped doing and you just don’t know how to start back up and doing it, you’re almost too far behind you think, you’re never too far behind. You can become a professional pianist if you want if you start even at 40, as long as you log the hours. I want to thank you for coming out today to Chelsea’s #Motorvational Wednesday. Remember, you didn’t fail until you chose so. You might’ve just been temporarily defeated.