Are used cars are lasting longer?

Yes, The rise in the used vehicle market comes as improved quality in the past decade means cars and trucks are lasting much longer, allowing for a potential lifespan of four to six owners from the two or three expected not long ago.

With this in mind we decided to offer a bit older vehicles along with our current very low k, slightly used ones. I still recommend our very low kilometre vehicles as your first choice but I do understand not everyones budget allows this. So as our customers asked we mow offer you more choices (MVI Plus Select) with powertrain warranty along with our Slightly Used Certified Huggable full warranty vehicles . I believe we will do a better job for people compared to others.3e18243b-1273-4ca2-b34c-28ff8c7886d0

“It takes 23 years to remove the vehicles from the road now, a decade ago it only took about 12, so it’s essentially doubled,” said DesRosiers.  Hugs Jim

Jim Gilberts Wheels and Deals

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