Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle “Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being excited at what could go right.”

Chelsea here today with Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. My #Motorvational quote of the day is, “Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being excited at what could go right.” That’s coming to you live from “The Motivational Secret.” You’re looking for a motivational book, keep you motivated, let us know, we will get you one. I think that’s a complete true quote. You’re sitting there. Everyone’s always so afraid of what could go wrong. Someone says something, we look for the 10 reasons it may not work. If someone wants to go do something, oh well, let’s find all the reasons it won’t work, we can’t do it. Let’s start being positive. Let’s try to get the glass half full, not half empty. Hey, at least there’s water in the glass. Who cares whether it’s half full or half empty.

I think just trying to change your outlook on life. You’re waking up on the news every day where it’s always everything negative, it’s such an easy trap to get pulled into. I myself am definitely am not a pro at being positive all the time, but it’s definitely something I think about all the time in trying to change my ways. When we’re around our kids, when you’re around young people, we’re always negative. Not necessarily with them, but with ourselves. You guys got to always think of the positive. Be happy with everything that’s going on, try to always find the positive in stuff. Hey, you go to the park or you go to free skate, and it’s shut down because there’s a tournament? Hey, be positive. You guys get to stop and watch a hockey game, or you get to do a new adventure for the day.

So, when going on with life and moving on in your day to day, it’s … just try not to get trapped in the glass is half full. Be happy that you even have water in your glass, and start to just motivate your day, stay a little bit more positive, and just keep on truckin’. I want to thank you for coming out for Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. I hope you have a Motorvational day.

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