Chelsea here today with Chelsea’s huggable huddle. Our motivational quote of the day is, continued persistence overcomes almost all of resistance.

Chelsea here today with Chelsea’s huggable huddle. Our motivational quote of the day is, continued persistence overcomes almost all of resistance. Jim. Chelsea. Continued persistence overcomes all of resistance. Think of that. Just think of that. Whatever you’re going to do in 2018, whether it’s lose weight, right? You’re going to resist, because what’s going to happen, that Big Mac, or that Quarter Pounder, or that ice cream, especially got that new guy in front … with the rolled ice cream, and that’s resistance.

We want the ice cream, we want the burgers. But you got to persist. Once you set up that “Hey, I’m going to lose weight,” you pick your 10 pounds, your 5 pounds, your 20, don’t make it great, like a crazy goal, but it’s persistence, persistence, you got to be able to be persistent, say, “No.” Or Chelsea the huggable worker that just won’t follow the way we’re supposed to do stuff, you know we are the management , we got to be persistent, we got to keep driving the plan. Here’s the plan. We know our plans work, you know the proofs here in the Wheels and Deals, so persistence, persistence will overcome resistance and guess what? Just when you’re almost going to give up and almost going to fall for the temptation, almost give up and say, “Ah, they’re just not going to get it.” That’s usually the time you’re going to win, so continued persistence will overcome all resistance. I like that one for 2018. I think it’s great for starting 2018. Everyone sets off on goals, high, and lows, just any goals in general.  … And you want to go to the gym. Say it’s full, January, and then in February it falls back. Pick your goal, don’t let someone else pick it for you and don’t pick a goal of something just because you think it’s right. I personally don’t pick the goal to go to the gym, because I know I’ll resist it so much that I’ll never get it. Pick something you know you actually deep down want to do, because if you don’t have the belief that that’s what you want, you’ll never be able to overcome that resistance. And you’ll have no persistence. For 2018, to keep the motivation, let’s keep the motivation of persistence going past two weeks into January, and keep it going for all of 2018. Hope you have a huggable day.

Chelsea Davis 2017 Business Card II

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