Agnes Mura, impacted New Brunswick’s business leaders during TEC meeting held at Wheels and Deals March 2015

Agnes Mura, impacted New Brunswick’s business leaders at TEC meeting held at Wheels and Deals March 2015. Over a two day period more than  thirty business owners and CEO’s representing six billion dollars of New Brunswick’s economy, were in attendance and were lead through a Coaching the Coaches Leadership awareness  program. TEC assists our business leaders in thinking and succeeding outside the box. Bringing world renowned hands on experts to share their experience and knowledge with the men and woman that are needed to take the risks and invest the money that supply the jobs that will fuel New Brunswick’s growth.

Agnes Mura, MA, is a globally experienced Master Certified Coach to C-suite and senior executives, boards, business owners and service professionals. As a business leader, she serves on the Board of Directors of AIRCASTLE, a multi-billion dollar publicly traded global company (AYR: NYSE) that acquires, leases and sells high-utility commercial jet aircraft to airlines throughout the world. On the Compensations and Governance committees she is appreciated for her expertise in strategic leadership and global talent development: “Building talent at the speed of business”. For over 18 years, she has demonstrated success and in coaching leaders through high-stakes high-performance challenges of all types – individually and in teams – including performance leaps, role expansion, dramatic change in location or geographic reach, integration in new corporate cultures, and how to successfully shift the culture of a team, a function or a board. Executives and teams turn to her at the critical junctures to strengthen skills (e.g. developing their strategic abilities, managing dispersed multi-cultural teams and companies) or to vastly expand their leadership competencies (e.g. influence, executive presence, stakeholder negotiations, creating engagement, public communications, global emotional intelligence, matrix collaboration). When designing and delivering leadership development programs for senior or emerging groups of global leaders, she directly impacts each firm’s culture and results. She performs thorough and transformational evaluations for public and private boards and their C-suite executives. Agnes Mura also leads powerful team building processes for executive teams and boards, and regularly facilitates creative retreats (e.g. strategic planning / scenario planning) for her client companies. She was a founding director of the Professional Coaches and Mentors Association, the founding president of the International Consortium for Coaching in Organizations, author of several leadership publications (and two books on executive coaching) and prominent as an expert Assessor, certifying professional coaches for the International Coach Federation. Ms. Mura inspires and develops Global 1000 corporate talent from the Americas across to Europe. Fluent in six languages, she is currently coaching and consulting worldwide in English, Spanish and German, virtually as well as in person. Agnes Mura’s personal journey as a leader was forged in her escape from communist Romania; then included teaching and running an academic program in Germany, helping break the Soviet boycott of the 1984 Olympics as the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee’s Envoy to Romania, and a ten-year management career in international banking. Her last role at Bankers Trust Co. of New York was Mexico Country Head for private banking and California Representative.

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