Chelsea here today with Chelsea’s huggable huddle. Our motivational quote of the day is, continued persistence overcomes almost all of resistance.

Chelsea here today with Chelsea’s huggable huddle. Our motivational quote of the day is, continued persistence overcomes almost all of resistance. Jim. Chelsea. Continued persistence overcomes all of resistance. Think of that. Just think of that. Whatever you’re going to do in 2018, whether it’s lose weight, right? You’re going to resist, because what’s going to happen, that Big Mac, or that Quarter Pounder, or that ice cream, especially got that new guy in front … with the rolled ice cream, and that’s resistance.

We want the ice cream, we want the burgers. But you got to persist. Once you set up that “Hey, I’m going to lose weight,” you pick your 10 pounds, your 5 pounds, your 20, don’t make it great, like a crazy goal, but it’s persistence, persistence, you got to be able to be persistent, say, “No.” Or Chelsea the huggable worker that just won’t follow the way we’re supposed to do stuff, you know we are the management , we got to be persistent, we got to keep driving the plan. Here’s the plan. We know our plans work, you know the proofs here in the Wheels and Deals, so persistence, persistence will overcome resistance and guess what? Just when you’re almost going to give up and almost going to fall for the temptation, almost give up and say, “Ah, they’re just not going to get it.” That’s usually the time you’re going to win, so continued persistence will overcome all resistance. I like that one for 2018. I think it’s great for starting 2018. Everyone sets off on goals, high, and lows, just any goals in general.  … And you want to go to the gym. Say it’s full, January, and then in February it falls back. Pick your goal, don’t let someone else pick it for you and don’t pick a goal of something just because you think it’s right. I personally don’t pick the goal to go to the gym, because I know I’ll resist it so much that I’ll never get it. Pick something you know you actually deep down want to do, because if you don’t have the belief that that’s what you want, you’ll never be able to overcome that resistance. And you’ll have no persistence. For 2018, to keep the motivation, let’s keep the motivation of persistence going past two weeks into January, and keep it going for all of 2018. Hope you have a huggable day.

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Here today with Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle for 2018, starting it off right with a motivation quote of the day being, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.

” Jim? Well, you know, that actually is so true. I’m gonna set this off right, the tone off, and if somebody doesn’t like what I got to say, guess what, turn the video off, because wish in one hand, and poop in the other, and see what gets filled up first. So, it’s true. If you don’t write it down, you don’t have a plan, it’s just a wish and you keep changing your mind. You flow, you go this, you go that way … Write down your goals and every day, look at that goal and every day, only write down two or three goals. You know the big mistake we all make is we get this big long list of goals. No. Pick one or two things you want to do. And one of your goals should be better educating yourself. One of your biggest goals should be making yourself more valuable at what you do, because in today’s world, you can educate yourself so much on YouTube and internet that there’s no excuse that you’re getting paid the same today as you was getting paid yesterday. Like, I’m listening to these people saying, “Minimum wage.” Screw minimum wage.
If you learn and become better and what you do and sit down and plan and a goal to be better at what you do, goal to lose weight, a goal to exercise, but a goal to better yourself, you’ll increase your self-worth to yourself, to your employer, and to your family. I think there’s setting a goal on having a plan. Reading a lot, actually, this year already and just one of the biggest things they said is if you set a goal and then you make a plan, the main thing is you gotta right down the plan step by step. You can’t just wing it, going, “Oh, I plan on going to the gym every day.” Do you plan on going every day? Write down the time. Write down the dates. You’re gonna skip a day? Pick the day you’re gonna skip. You know which day you’re gonna skip, off the bat. And because of that, if you have it written down, you’re a lot more … You’re gonna stay on it. You’re gonna be persistent with it, and your goal is gonna be there. If you don’t reach your goal, let’s say you set a goal to lose weight, 10 pounds in a month and a half, two months. Don’t change the goal. Change your plan. Your goal is your goal. So if you do a plan, it doesn’t get you to that goal, don’t redo your goal and lower the goal, just so you can hit it.
Keep that goal where it is, change your plan, and go after it. I’d rather miss a goal of going for 10, then hit a goal of going for two. And before Chelsea’s done, I want to give a shout out to Abby Cochrane because she went and she got a goal and a plan. She’s going to the gym every day. Abby’s losing weight and she posted a picture. She took the selfie picture at the gym last week and Abby, stay with your plan.
Stay with your goal. You’re looking good and a shout out to you on Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. Well, thank you Dave, for coming out to Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle, and I hope we motivated you to start 2018 off with not just a goal or a couple goals, but with a plan to activate those goals. Have a Huggable day.
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Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle.. Have a Huggable Christmas, Smile today and be thankful for tomorrow.. Hugs Chelsea and Jim

Chelsea here, today with Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. Today we just want to wish you a Merry Christmas. We want you to enjoy the time, enjoy your family, enjoy what it’s all about. It’s not always about the gifts, lot of time, it’s just about who you spend that time with.

And, me and Chrome want to say, “Have a huggable New Year.” And Chelsea’s right, let’s make it all about family, about fun. Let’s not complain, let’s not talk about what we don’t have, let’s focus on what we do have. How lucky we are to be in Canada and just everybody smile and say, “Thank you for Christmas.” That’s actually very true. A lot of people get stressed out at the Christmas time, you’re out in the hustle and the bustle. It should be time where everyone is smiling, laughing, cheering. No frowns, no rushing, no pushing out of the way. Hold the door open for people. Just be a little bit more huggable this Christmas. Have a huggable day.

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Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. Our motivational quote of the day is, “The purpose of learning is growth.

Chelsea here today with Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. Our motivational quote of the day is, “The purpose of learning is growth. And our minds, unlike our bodies, can continue growing as we continue to live.” And you know, that’s so true. Like, Chelsea’s right. Our bodies stop growing, then … Well, they grow, they get older, our ears get bigger, our nose gets wider, our teeth fall out.

Not mine, yet. But our hair does fall out. But our minds need constant nourishment to grow. Like, your mind doesn’t stop. And even as you get … Like I’m 60, Chelsea you’re 33. And even at 60 I learned more this year than I last year, I learned more last year than the year before. And it’s that unstoppable need to learn, to learn more, to do more, to be more. And I think that’s why you get … Actually when you’re younger you need it, so you can get the better jobs. When you’re in the middle of your life cycle you need it so you can feed your family better. And as you get older and get in your pretty zone like me, you need it just to keep your mind going because so many of my friends, they stop their mind. And when their mind stops, funny thing but the rest of them stops. So continue to learn, never stop learning. I think, I mean, I have a lot of motivation as I get older to learn, learning from my dad. At 60 he knows how to do, you know, the iCloud. Most people don’t even. So I think it’s just, it’s always good to see as you get older, it’s so easy to say, “Oh, I don’t need to read a book.” I think there are, like people read one book in like 10 years after they leave university. But you gotta keep growing your mind to grow your future, to grow yourself. And if you stop reading, you stop learning, you’re gonna be caught dead in the water. And there’s gonna be people who are learning, and they’re gonna pass you in every aspect. Yes. And I think actually as you get older, reading is so important because you know, there are … Dementia and some disease set in. I think if you constantly challenge your mind and do those mind things and read and learn, and grow your mind, I think as you get on in life, it’s actually safer for you, and you’ll live a better life. I want to thank you for coming here to Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. I hope we’ve motivated you today. Whether you’re younger or older, pick up a book, read, always be learning, always trying to get ahead. Have a huggable day.

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Chelsea here today with Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. Our #Motorvational quote of the day is: Don’t follow your dreams. Chase them down with aggressive pursuit.

Chelsea here today with Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. Our #Motorvational quote of the day is: Don’t follow your dreams. Chase them down with aggressive pursuit. Chase them down with aggressive pursuit. Here we are, Chelsea and me today, in La Jolla, California. We got up at 3:30 this morning, showered, got on a plane to Toronto, Toronto to Denver, Denver to San Diego, San Diego then 50 miles to La Hoya, 50 kilometers to La Hoya. When you’re talking about chasing them down with relentless pursuit, we’re here to see Darren Hardy, who is one of the world’s most inspirational people. Motorvational leaders, leading you to a better work lifestyle, and we really are that what you just said. We’re chasing the dream down, and to prove it, we just flew 6,000 kilometers and enjoyed every minute of it, Chelsea.

This is the way you gotta do it. If you want to be number one, if you want to be successful, if you want to be part of an A Team, you’ve got to be relentless in your pursuit. Chase them down just as we are here. Now, it is quite nice behind this. Don’t feel bad for us, but we are here. We are going to go into a conference at 7 a.m. tomorrow morning, we don’t get out until 6 p.m., and we’re going to do it three days straight up. We’re looking forward to it, and we’re looking forward to bringing back a lot of knowledge to our team back in Fredericktown. Chelsea, what do you think? Yeah, when you’re going to go after your dream, it’s got to be a relentless pursuit. Whether it’s the grand scheme of three planes to here, or is that commitment to staying up late, or reading that book, or waking up early and working out, or staying late at work … whatever you got to do. If you’re committed to a dream, you’ve got to be relentless about it. You just gotta follow it, don’t stop going, and if you just do it in a mediocre way, well you’re going to get mediocre out of it. So true. Somebody said to me, “Geez, Jim. When you work for you, you gotta work hard.” Well, that’s because I believe in working hard. I give my 100%, and I believe everybody that works at Wheels and Deals should give their 100% to the customers and to us, because we give them and everybody 120% in return. We’re relentless in our pursuit of being better every day. I want to thank you for coming out to Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle today. I hope we motivated you to be relentless on the pursuit of your dreams. Don’t slow down, don’t stop. Keep on going.

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Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle, sleep with your dreams or to wake up and chase them.

Chelsea here today with Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. Our motivational quote of the day is every morning you have two choices, to sleep with your dreams or to wake up and chase them. Today’s motivational quote of the day is going to be a little different so, Jim, we’re going over to you.

Well, thank you, Chelsea. Yes, Chelsea’s so right. You’ve got to wake up in the morning. You have two choices. You get out of bed with your dreams or you stay in bed and it’s not a dream, it’s just a thought. Take action, my friends. Get out of bed, jump out, look at the sun and say, “Sun, thank you for the day.” Go and go do it. Don’t sit back and wait for other people to do it for you. They won’t. I always dreamed of being the number one car dealer. We’ve been voted 13 times in a row Fredericton’s best number one car dealer. Right? Somebody said, Jim, you should speak. I said well, I can’t speak. They said yes you can. You got a good story. I said okay, let’s give it a try. I gave it a try, and today I’m sitting in Cabo, Mexico with a Fortune 500 company and on Saturday morning I’m going to share the Wheels and Deals story. I’m going to share my marketing thoughts, going give them some #Motorvational talk and I’m gonna bring them to tomorrow’s land. I’m gonna bring them to 2020. Who am I to speak in front of a Fortune 500 company? I’m the guy that had a dream and I’m here. Look behind me. So, you too. Don’t lay in bed. Get out of bed and make your dreams happen. Don’t rely on nobody else and thank you Chelsea.

You know when it comes to making the choices of shooting for your dreams, the dream, the goal, it doesn’t always have to be something that’s extraordinary. Something that’s big or anything like that. Sometimes you can have little dreams, little goals. It’s still a dream. It’s still a goal. It’s always just moving towards something. When you wake up every day, shoot for that dream. We want to thank you for coming out today for Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle, and I we motivated you to jump on, dig a little bit deeper and go for that dream or that goal that you’ve been thinking about, whether it’s big or small. No matter what any dreams you achieve, it’s gonna make it a lot better in your life. Have a huggable day.

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Shine Bright and Stay Focused!

quoteJust a few things to remember during changes in our lives…ones we sometimes forget and just need little reminders. I am writing this to learn myself, to remind myself and to be proud of myself at the end of each day.

*Every time it rains, it stops raining. Every time you get hurt, you heal. Your mind might tell you that this will last forever. It won’t. Nothing lasts forever. After darkness there is always light and this too shall pass.

You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.” ― Maya Angelou


*Be kind to yourself!  It really is the best medicine.

*Sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.

*Don’t stop Believing.

*No matter what, today is a priceless gift and it’s up to you to make the best of it.

*Be positive, patient and persistent.

*Learn something new everyday!  Not just learn, but embrace how it will benefit you or someone else who you may now be able to help because of it.

*We can talk all we want but only our actions will move us forward.

*One behaviour separates the successful from the average. Go above and beyond!

*Be proactive and do not wait for life to come to you.


*Surround yourself with people who lift you up, not bring you down! Choose the people who make things happen, the “go-getters”, the ones who support you and are happy when you succeed.

*The best thing you can do is choose to be positive and keep going.

*When trying to do good, certain people love to find flaws.  Don’t worry about these people, don’t worry about haters and the criticism they will send your way. Keep focused on your journey and the people who are important and you will be ok!

*You can’t change people. You can, however, create conditions where change is more like to happen.


From the desk of,

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Chelsea here today with Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle”Trick or treat, be so sweet, give me something good to eat.

Chelsea here today with Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle, our motivational for the day, or saying today is, “Trick or treat, be so sweet, give me something good to eat.” It’s a Halloween quote. Jim? It’s a Halloween quote. You know, let’s think, and we’re going to post this on Halloween day. And when somebody comes to your house tonight, regardless if they’re older, younger, little kids, it doesn’t matter, teenagers, smile and pass out something. Like don’t judge, don’t be a, you know somebody says, well they’re teenagers, I’m sick of teen … They’re kids, we’re all kids at heart. Let Halloween be kids at heart. Let 18 year olds be kids at heart, let 14 year olds be kids at heart, let six year olds have lots of fun.

I think that’s, yeah, definitely going into Halloween is there’s kids of all ages, two year olds to probably 40 year old kids that are heading on out and are getting dressed up and it’s all about the fun for them, fun for the kids, and even when, some people probably have older siblings taking them out trick or treating and they’re dressed up. You know, give them a treat, small chocolate bar, just make it fun for everyone. It’s a huggable way. If you see a bald guy like me show up at your door, I love candy. I hope you have a huggable Halloween and hope you eat lots of treats and don’t get too sick.

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Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle, Change is inevitable, but personal growth, that’s a choice.

Chelsea here today with Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. We’re in the boardroom again and we’re going to pick a motivational quote right off the wall. Change is inevitable, but personal growth, that’s a choice. Jim? That’s so true. The world is changing, everything is changing. A river is never the same twice. When we think that, hey, I made it, or this is great and everything’s perfect, things are changing. You might not see it, but everything’s changing. What I look at is we’re either going up or we’re going down because nothing is flat. If you’re not doing some growth or personal growth, and not getting better, then you’re going down hill. If you’re working somewhere, or even at home, or even in your marriage, or in your family, for your children, if you’re not doing more things and can contribute more, you are actually contributing less. As it says here, personal growth is a choice. Do you want to grow for tomorrow or do you want to live in yesterday that doesn’t exist anymore? That’s the choice. You got to do it for yourself.

Yeah. I think that’s definitely a sound choice on personal growth, but it is … You can’t ever look back and think this is it, we’re saying, you know, some people say, “This is who I am. I’ve been like this for 10 years.” Yeah, that’s not the answer because who you are … I know I plan on being a better person 10 years from now, or 20 years from now, or 30 years from now, and even a day from now. I think that’s a personal choice to always be growing and always be changing. Relationships grow, your jobs grow, people will grow just as in general, human beings. I think it’s definitely a choice and your life ends up a lot better if you make the choice to grow with it than to try to fight change. That change is inevitable. Well, I thank you for coming here for Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. I hope we motivated you to make that choice to do personal growth and to go with the change, and make it on top.

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Alex’s Car Buying Tip of the Week, rocks stuck in brake rotors warranty or not?

Chelsea here today. When going to purchase a new or used vehicle, there’s lots of dealers out there that have warranties. Some are comprehensive, some are full warranties. Always look into the deeper of what’s actually covered.

Some things are gonna happen while driving a car that may or may not be your fault. It might not just be a wear and tear item. Sometimes what happens, such as here, your gonna get a rock stuck in between your rotor or your brake pad. Something you might not have done, just happened to hop off a vehicle when it slid up. That could ruin your rotor. It could ruin your brake pad. Here at Wheels and Deals, our fifty-fifty one year comprehensive warranty, we’re gonna go fifty-fifty on that. Wasn’t our fault, wasn’t the car’s fault, but it also wasn’t your fault so we wanna make sure you’re taken care of within that year and make sure you don’t have to worry about all the coverage on that. Like I said, when you’re looking at the warranties and purchasing a vehicle, just double check, look into the deep down, make sure that you’re gonna be covered, even if it’s not your fault. Have a great day.

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Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. Our #Motorvational or inspirational quote of the day is, “The most important time is family time.”

Chelsea her today with Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. Our motivational or inspirational quote of the day is, “The most important time is family time.” Jim? You know, it’s so true. Like just like here out in the woods taking our kids out, your kids out. Alex and Chelsea’s kids out. Uncle Troy is here, and just taking time out of your day to take your family away. Just doing something with your kids like going to the rink with them, going to violin, but somebody said the other day that the most important thing for you kids is called T-I-M-E, spend your with your children.

It doesn’t take a lot, a few minutes here and there, a Saturday afternoon, a Sunday afternoon, all of you jump in the car, remember the days when you went out for that Sunday drive? Well, that was time, that was family time, and that’s important time as everybody’s growing up. It really, really is, we did it with Chelsea, we do with Alex. We was in every ringette in the province. We was in every ring at place. We was in ball fields, we had a lot of time doing it. I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world, and I recommend everybody just drop what you’re doing, and think of their kids. It’s all about kids, your kids. My kids, your grandkids, I think that’s so true in a time that it seems everyone’s always claiming we don’t have enough time in the day to get everything done. It’s so easy to pass those special moments by, but take even if it’s a three hours to go out for a hike in the woods, a little drive in the woods or hanging out at the camp, it’s all about the family. Angela just joined us. Hi Ang. Hey there. Want to thank you today for coming- Selena’s here. Want to thank you today for coming out to Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle, I’ll be inspired to you, to take a few moments out of your day, and have a special moment with your family. Families are important.

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“What is Nitrogen? Alex’s Tip of the Week

A lot of people asking, “What is nitrogen? Why are people paying to put it in their tires?” Here at Wheels and Deals, it’s free. A free of charge, complimentary when you do purchase our vehicle and when you keep that vehicle for life. What it is … So this is a nitrogen machine here. Regular air has oxygen and nitrogen mixed together. A nitrogen machine takes those molecules, it separates them and what it does is, when you’re dispersing just nitrogen molecules into your tires is nitrogen molecules themselves are actually bigger than air molecules so there’s less chance of leaking. And there’s also less chance of the tire fluctuating in the … When it gets to your minus 20, plus 20 days when you get crazy with temperatures, what the nitrogen does is it actually has less fluctuation in those days. So there’s less chance your tires going to go low or over-inflated throughout the day, or just when you’re driving in those minus degree days. That’s what you learned about nitrogen today.

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Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. Our motorvational quote of the day is, “I never lose, either I win or I learn”.

Chelsea here today with Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. Our motivational quote of the day is, “I never lose, either I win or I learn”. It’s a good one. You know Chelsea, we’re gonna let you have that today because I saw you learn a lot of stuff. I think that’s just in anything in life as you’re growing, as you’re getting older you’re gonna have failures, you’re gonna have bumps, you’re gonna have hiccups, you’re gonna have things that just don’t work out, but, I think that the end of it is when you stop and think, “Was it really a failure?” If you learned what not to do next time, was it a failure? I think as I get older probably wasn’t as much when I was younger, but as I’m getting older I’m realizing nothing’s a failure in life. As long as I learn from it, if I do something wrong or I don’t do something right, and I correct that mistake, and I’m better the next day then I’m always winning. I don’t have to win by a million percent all I got to do is get myself better 1% every day. That means I’m better than the next day, which means truthfully in the long run I don’t think you can fail if you’re always getting better.

You know something, I’m going with that there’s no such thing as failure. We try, maybe we don’t make it, we try again. Sir Edmund Hillary tried to climb Mount Everest Chelsea, and he went in and he didn’t make it to the top the first time, and the first mountain man to climb it. So, in England they took him into the Parliament Chambers where all the government people are, they had a big picture ’cause he’s got up the mountain further than anybody else. And they said, “Well, you’re still the greatest climber in the world because you got the furthest up Mount Everest in the world.” Sir Edmund Hillary he went over to that picture and he pointed at it and he says, “I’m coming back because you’re never gonna get bigger, but I’m gonna get better.” So, he never took one of those mountain climbs as a failure, he took it, he got bigger because that mountain was never gonna grow.

That’s what it is there’s no such thing as failure, we learn, we grow, we learn, we do. You know what failure is Chelsea? Not doing it and not making a mistake, if you’re not making mistakes that’s- Yes. …the failure. Mistakes are learning, learning is winning. I wanna thank you coming here today to Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. I hope we motivated you to maybe try something new, or just feel better about maybe something you fail. Just always be learning, always just try to get better like I said, “It’s 1% a day doesn’t have to be a million percent.” 1% a day and you’ll be so much further ahead in just a month, a year than you are today. So, we hope you have a Huggable week.

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Shout out to: Just wanted to drop a line

Shout out to: Just wanted to drop a line about the service we’ve received from Troy Fasquel. I’ve purchased a few vehicles over the years and my wife and I just purchased our 3rd from Troy.As always, his service has been top shelf. He makes purchasing a vehicle a great experience which is rare these days when buying anything of value. No headache, no stress, easy, simple and painless.
In all the service we get across the board, he’s always great to deal with.
Couldn’t think of dealing with another car dealer or salesperson.
Rob and Melanie M

Love is like playing the piano.. Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle ..

Chelsea Davis here today with Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. Our motivational quote today is: Love is like playing the piano. First you must learn to play by the rules, then you must forget the rules and play from your heart. Jim? Well actually, we’re right beside the piano speaking about this. It’s true, we fall in love, we meet somebody, we fall in love. Because of our society and stuff, we follow a set of rules, and the set of love and game and courting, and all that stuff. It’s pretty good. But then, what happens Chelsea, after three years actually, this is a scientific fact, we fall out of love. We meet this girl, in my case I meet a girl, in Chelsea’s case she meet a guy, and they’re eating chips. We just love the sound of those chips. We just fell in love with them. Three years later, we’re watching hockey game on TV and, “What is that noise coming out of the kitchen?” Well, it’s our love, eating the chips because we fell out. What we fell in love with, that meeting and chips, we fell out.

What we have to do every three years, we got to throw this rule book away, and you got to actually rekindle every two and three years. Rekindle, re-fall in love, re-get the romance going. Because it’s like everything else is set up and down, up and down. It doesn’t matter who you are, you’re getting that little bit of a ride. You don’t like the sound, like, “Why is she eating chips so loud? Doesn’t she know I’m watching hockey?” But guess what, that’s the noise we fell in love with. We actually have to fall back in love every two or three years. This is scientific actually. I read this the other day. Don’t fall out of love, throw the book away and keep falling back in love. Find out why you got in love, and then remember the good times. There’s no book, there’s no rules, there’s just constant falling back in love. I think that’s totally true. As relationships grow, it becomes the mundane, the norm, the day-to-day. That’s when sometimes it’s taking the mini-vacation, a big vacation. It could just be going to a different restaurant than you go to all the time, just so you both try a different meal. I think it’s just the little excitements what actually can drive the love back in the relationship. If you keep the excitement going, you’ll never actually lose the love. When you hear the sound of those chips that are driving you crazy, go sit with your significant other, and eat the chips with her. Both you make the noise together. Thank you to coming out to Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. I hope we motivated you today to rekindle that love or definitely stop it from falling out. Hope you have a huggable week. Fall back in love every day.Chelsea Davis 2017 Business Card II

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Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Wheels and Deals!


Truth be told we are all humans so we love our Thanksgiving meals. However many of us lose sight on what Thanksgiving is all about. We need to reflect on the people in our lives and our many blessings big and small. From conversations we have with our elders, which most times have a lesson to be learned if we pay attention.  Watching our children and babies grow, learn and play.  Interact with them..young and old…make the time, show them they are cared for and I promise it will make all the difference in their lives and ours!

I, myself would like to express the great gratitude I have for my family, my friends, my health and the health of my children. Life lessons that I have learned, ones I have yet to learn, my work family and all those that bring a smile to my face every day!  I am even grateful for my struggles,  my heartaches, the people who I have made the conscious decision to not have in my life due to the lessons learned in a not so great way. Thank you!  Without all this I would not be the person I am today.

Praying everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of love.

Below is a clip of how wonderful Jim made this customer feel when he learned of her surgery. It’s these little things that make the impact on the heart!

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Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle “Today is a good day to have a great day.

Chelsea here today with Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. Our motivational quote of the day today is, “Today is a good day to have a great day.” Jim? You know, Chelsea, today is a good day to have a great day because every day that you wake up in the morning is a great day. You decide what kind of day it’s going to be.

You decide your day. You decide your day with your smile or your frown. So today and every day, turn that frown upside down. Or just better still, wake up with a great smile because if you can smile inside, people will hear that smile outside and they can feel it and they can feel the aura. You generate that aura of just this person’s just a nice smiley happy person. I want to talk to them. I want to be around them. I want to buy from them. Today and every day, Chelsea, it’s up to us to have a great day.   I think everyone’s goal of the day in having a great day is to when someone calls you on the phone, be so happy that they can actually feel your smile through the phone. We’ve all those conversations, when you just know the person on the other line is just smiley, happy, bubbly. I mean, that’s a perfect goal for every day, and it’s such an easy goal. Barely have to do anything. Just smile and be happy. Just smile and be happy. Thank you for listening to Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. I hope we motivated you to be happier today.

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Canada’s Huggable Car Dealer voted #1 .. Thirteen consecutive years!!!


Jim Gilbert’s Wheels and Deals would like to send out a heartfelt “Thank You” to the Fredericton Community, surrounding areas, the Huggable Customers & Team that have made this possible!

Being a team member of Wheels and Deals I am still learning more and more of Canada’s Huggable Car Dealer, the background, the story and basically a legend in the making in my eyes!

I would like to share a part of the history that instantly made an impact on me when I learned of it.

Approximately 4 years ago Jim decided to stop selling high kilometer, 5 year and older tired iron. Over time, Jim saw things consistently going wrong with these vehicles and  the repair expenses that were being incurred by buyers. Taking out a loan on a high kilometre, older used vehicle is putting people financially behind and in too many cases ruining their credit.  The cost of keeping a tired car on the road is a heavy burden for most families. Once Jim understood this he had to make a decision! 

 “You cannot on-know something once you know it” Jim told me.

“Knowing  what is right is one thing Doing what is right is another”  -Jim Gilbert

..and that  is the day Jim Gilbert’s Wheels and Deals became truly Huggable!

Jim believes he made the right decision, it was not about profit it was about people and families. Wheels and Deals stopped   selling “high kilometer, 5 years and older tired iron”.  and instead focused on his customers financial health. We now only supply low kilometer vehicles with warranties that can outlast our customers payments.  I am, not sure if any other car dealers or other business owners would take this risk, but Jim did. Doing this meant, Jim was saying good-bye to between 300 and 400 sales per year; 25% of his business …but he did..and with that heart felt decision Jim has proven himself to truly be Canada’s Most Huggable Car Dealer!


Words from Cameron Wilson,  Daily Gleaner Marketing Solutions,  Brunswick News Inc.. “What can I say… Congratulations!  You sir are once again the undisputed 2017 Readers Choice winner for the category of “Used Automotive Dealership” in the fine city of Fredericton. That’s 13 years and counting, congratulations to all the staff at Wheels & Deals for this accomplishment! Once again I will have an award to drop off in the upcoming weeks for you”

Jim talked the talk, but most importantly he walked the walk!!

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Alex’s tip of the Week, Hey everyone, Justin Roy here, filling in for Alex Gilbert on Alex’s Car Buying Tip of the Week. This week’s tip: Know exactly what kind of coverage you’re getting on your vehicle.

Hey everyone, Justin Roy here, filling in for Alex Gilbert on Alex’s Car Buying Tip of the Week. This week’s tip: Know exactly what kind of coverage you’re getting on your vehicle.

When shopping for a new to you pre-owned vehicle ask your sales person, ask the dealer, “What kind of coverage comes on that vehicle after time of sale?” when you take the ownership of the vehicle. ‘Cause the last thing you’re gonna wanna do is put a repair bill into that vehicle four of five months down the road.

Some dealers out there, not everyone, but some will skip steps in the inspection process, and know that the vehicle needs new tires six months down the road, then it becomes your fault, not theirs. They wanna put a little bit of extra money into the pocket. Always find out what kind of coverage you’re getting on the vehicle, whether it’d be a 30 day coverage, or a one year coverage. Come on into Wheels and Deals and see what makes us different. Ask us about our 365 day guarantee. Have a huggable day.

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Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle “There are no perfect parents, there are no perfect children, but there are plenty of perfect moments.”

Chelsea Gilbert coming to you today with Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. Today our Motivational quote of the day is “There are no perfect parents, there are no perfect children, but there are plenty of perfect moments.”

Jim? Wow, there are plenty of perfect moments but no perfect parents, and no perfect kids. That quote says it all. Where do you begin with that Chelsea? Like it’s so true even when we go through life here, and we make mistakes, you come with no books  no manuals on how to raise a kid, I’ll tell you that, and we did it. You know parents did it, the kids did it, we all endured it, and when you say that, like yes, sometimes we’re trying but when I think about the perfect moments, you know every moment with you and with Alex, and with children, and people are a perfect moment. The only unperfect moments were the ones that I thought I had to make perfect, or I watched people make perfect. You don’t have to have a perfect, clean house. You don’t have to have a perfect life. You don’t have to have a perfect education. You don’t have to have a perfect nothing. You just have to have fun and enjoy the moment, because every moment with somebody else, and even yourself is a perfect moment.

I think that’s so true. When it comes to raising kids just even now know, is it’s never going to be perfect and the more you try, the more you hurt. You’re never going to feel it’s been perfect but when you look back every time, guess what? Your kids had the perfect day when you went to the park, even if they left crying ’cause they don’t remember the crying. They just remember being on the slide and you taken them to the park. So I think that’s just about life in general. You know what, it’s perfect in its time, it’s just not always the thought, every time you look back you remember it’s perfect. So try and think of that in the now, when you’re out and about, and you’re thinking it might not be perfect but you know what your kids will look back and it was all perfect.

Well, Chelsea do you remember when you was little and you was whining and crying about a ball, and I threw it out the window of the motor home? You didn’t think it was perfect then but I shut down the noise perfectly. So we still laugh it about it now, don’t we? You know what the perfect memory, that’s all it is. It was a perfect memory. Ball out the window.

Thank you guys for coming out to Chelsea’s Huggable Huddle. Have a motivational day and a great time with your children.

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