Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays March 16′ 2020

“Imagine with all your mind, Believe with all your heart, Achieve with all your might”

When you’re thinking about your goals and your plans in life, and your future, is don’t let your imagination get hindered. As when you were kids, your Imagination was wild, and as we get old, we tone it down to try to always be so realistic and what if I did this or this. You know what, open up that Imagination; come up with some sort of wild plan, wild dream; something that would make you just … That would be the awesomest thing in the world that if I Achieved that, and open up your Imagination. 

Once you get that, locked it down, Believe it with all your heart. You’re the one that created it, something you want, that something no one can tell you anything about. You got to Believe with all your heart that you can get it and it’s something you really want, and then Achieve it with all your might. 

If it is something you truly want, it’s something you come up with in your head, it’s going to be on you to put that Achieving in, so put all your strength, all your might, all your energy if it’s something you really want so you can have that done. 

I hope we motivated you today to come up with a wild Imagination of a future thought, and Have a Huggable Day.

Copied from Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays

Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays March 9, 2020

Worrying and Stressing

Worrying and Stressing, yes we all do it. Some people more than others. Some people are great, just letting some stuff roll off. But, what we’re coming with you today is another option to help deal with it, get the worry, get the stress, and write it on a piece of paper. 

What is it? What are some of the action steps we can take to minimize it? What are some of the possible outcomes and how would we react to those outcomes? Sometimes by just getting that stuff out on the paper, one, you might realize it might’ve been a made up worry, made up stress. Two, if you don’t have actions or things you can control, it’s not something you can control.

So how much time is that taking up in your head? Creating maybe a negative vibe with you or overcoming where you could be looking for the positivity in things. It’s just getting that stuff out on paper to help you think about it, put in a logical way, and hopefully to help you control that worry and stress so that it doesn’t take over your life. 

I hope we motivated you today to look at dealing with your stress or worries in a different way, and hopefully we have some more points in a bit. 

Have a Great Day.

Copied from Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays


“Change the story in your head that you created about you.”

What we mean when we’re saying that is what is the story you’ve created about yourself in your life? And is that a negative or is that a positive story? 

Is your story when you’re going to bed at night that, I couldn’t do this or I failed this? Or is it all the 20 things you positively got done and the fantastic day that you did have? As we’re going throughout our lives, we tend to create a self negative story or a story about ourselves that we don’t want to be true.

What’s the true story you want to be you? Start telling it to yourself, and like anything else you want to remember, tell it to yourself daily, weekly. Keep reminding yourself the positive story that you’re telling about your life to help create the life that you want to have. 

Have a Huggable Day.

Copied from Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays


“Lack of consistency is the subtle but great stealer of dreams and goals.”

I think that is definitely true, we’ve discussed this a few times, about staying consistent towards whatever your goal is, try to be healthier, learn more, but also understanding that you might need an accountability partner. You might need a coach, you might need a life coach. Is a lot of these people you’re watching do all these things, these great things you might think, “Man, how do they stay consistent? How do they do that?” 

Most of them have someone helping them, keep them on track or they have a process that they’ve realized works. They’ve probably gone through a lot that hasn’t worked also. So if you’re trying something and it’s not working, it’s not a bad thing just to try something else, or maybe ask your friend to help you stay consistent. It could just be a quick text message, a quick reminder on your alarm clock. Who knows what it is? 

I hope you we motivated you this week to try to stay consistent and get help trying to stay that way to keep your goals going. 

Have a Huggable Day.

Copied from Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays



The thought of the day comes from something I was listening to the other morning. It talked about how we want everything to happen so quick, we have a plan of action, we’re going to lose weight. We eat healthy for one week and we haven’t lost 20 pounds and we’re throwing our hands up and usually quit. Multiple different things with that is we seem to think there’s going to be a quick fix and in life there, a lot of time, just isn’t a quick fix.

 I mean, look when you started school, you started math in grade one and you learn something new every year taking you into high school. It’s a process in everything we’re learning. If you’re trying to be a better leader, trying to grow in your position. It’s about start reading those books, but you might read that book, doesn’t mean you’re going to change that minute. It’s about just changing a little bit constantly every day, working towards it and working towards a greater good for yourself. 

I hope we motivated you today just to realize things aren’t going to always just change perfectly overnight, but to keep the consistency going to help you get there. 

Have a Huggable Day.

Copied from Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays


Ambition is the path to success, Persistence is the vehicle we drive to get there.

You’re probably about a month in on your New Year, New Planned Goals, and how are we keeping up Persistently in the Goals that we want? It’s always great to have those Goals, have those Ambitions as things we want, but it’s Persistence that’s going to get us there in that step-by-step process. So what is it that we’re making sure to guarantee that we’re doing those steps? Do we have daily reminders on our phone? Do we have it written down anywhere? What’s the plan we have to get those Ambitions and get to those Goals? 

After doing your stuff for a month are you still keeping on top of it? It’s okay to after a month maybe realize I have to modify, maybe you ought to do something different. Making sure that you’re going to be Persistent to them though is definitely going to help you get there.

I hope we Motivated you Today just to think about the Persistency you need and the Goals you have set in life or set for yourself. 

Have a Huggable Day.

Copied from Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays


3 C’s of Life, Choices, Chances and Changes

You make the Choices, you take the Chances, if you want anything to Change in your life. As you’re going throughout the week and going throughout the year, those are all things that you can control. Your Choices, You taking the Chances, and You making the Changes. 

Can you do something different, maybe go out of your way, to make that different Choice, whether it’s eating healthy, doing something positive for yourself? Maybe take a Chance on trying something new, if you’re trying to create that Change in your life.

I hope we motivated to do today, to think about the Changes you want to make and what’s going to go into making those. 

Have a Huggable Week.

Copied from Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays


“Happiness is an inside job. Don’t assign anyone else that much authority in your life.”

As we think about happiness, I mean, everyone wants to be happy. When you’re smiling, you feel better, the day goes better. Everything’s going better. What type of control can you take over your happiness? If there is something that’s not making you happy, how can you change that? 

So keep happiness to an inside job. Don’t be thinking, “If that person did this, I’d be happier,” or, “If this happened, I would be happier.” What’s something you can control yourself that would make you happier? It starts by those little steps to create that full happiness. 

I hope we motivated you today to think about what you can control that could put a little bit more happiness in your life. 

Have a Huggable Day.

Copied from Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays


“Don’t just calculate the costs of taking action, calculate the costs of not taking action.”

You’re starting your year off and 2020’s here. It’s not always about the cost of what’s going to happen. Some people will say gym memberships costs a lot of money. If you don’t get a gym membership and you don’t commit to that and you don’t get healthy, what does that cost? 

I think a lot of times we always think of the one-sided aspect of something. But what is the cost of not taking action on something you want, whether it’s health, learning, anything really something in your personal life, in a relationship?

As you’re going about the week and starting it off, let’s just think about the cost of the action, but also think of the cost of not taking action and where that might lead you into the future. 

Have a Huggable Week.

Copied from Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays


2020 Progress

Well we’re into 2020 and you have a lot of stuff in place so your plans of action is to make sure you’re doing positive affirmations to yourself and not trying to maybe make those plans in a negative way. It’s not that I’m going to lose ten pounds, if that’s the only way you’re writing it down, you’re not going to do that in a week.

 So make sure it’s I made progress towards my goal. I made progress towards losing ten pounds. What’s the progress you’re making? You definitely want to have that plan you’re trying to get to, but make sure as you’re starting off you’re not so set back by maybe not accomplishing it because it could take two, three, four, six months. 

Make sure you’re using those right affirmation words like I’m making progress, I’m growing towards this, I’m learning more, I did it. Show positivity to yourself and positive affirmations in the way you use your words.

I hope this helps you in 2020 to just create that positive life and keep that positivity in yourself that you are going the right way. Have a Huggable Day.

Copied from Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays


“New Year, New Me”

We’re almost into that 2020 and everyone’s starting to make plans of what they’re going to start 2020 or probably the Monday following, when 2020 lands here. And that’s fantastic. Write it down, get it on paper, make those goals, make those plans. But the question is, “Do you have a check in time with yourself?” There’s probably no one out there that’s going to hold you accountable to your plans.

 So in your phone, in your schedule somewhere, check in with yourself, monthly, quarterly, weekly, whenever you want. But make sure it’s planned out for the year. Do you have something in your calendar for September 1st to say, ‘Hey, remember that goal of losing 10 pounds this year? Where are we?’ Life is busy. It’s hard to keep those things going. 

As you’re making your 2020 plans, write them down, plan of action, but set up some things in your life to remind you, reassure you, and help you get to those goals for 2020

I hope you have a Huggable Start to the Year.

Copied from Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays


“It’s not just about the time you invest, it’s the investment you made in that time”

So it’s the planning, the thinking, the… making sure you’re actually investing the time. It’s one thing to just sit there and be there, but it’s actually of being present within that time. 

We kind of talked about this a couple of weeks ago, but if you allotted out that time, what are you investing in that time? Have you made plans, thoughts about what you’re going to do with that time to make it a huggable experience, really.

I hope during this week with your Christmas and the holidays here, you just put a little bit more effort into not just setting aside that time, but investing in planning the time that you’re already using. 

Have a Huggable Week.

Copied from Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays


“Be Present”

The holiday season is upon us, but really all the time I think it’s something maybe as a society we have to work on, I definitely need to myself, is being in the present. 

You’re going out to a function, you’re going to get together, a Christmas party or New Year’s Eve parties. You’ve already allotted that time for that, so why not be present when you’re there, try to make those memories, be into the conversation with the person you’re in, and actually listening to them and hearing them, not maybe looking over at your phone seeing if it’s going off.

I’m hoping we motivated you this week, and kind of to continue on is just to focus on being present and hopefully you grow your relationships and grow some happy memories. 

Have a Huggable Week.

Copied from Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays


“You can’t control others, but you can control yourself.”

As you’re going throughout the holidays, there could be someone runs into you, maybe they’re grumpy, maybe someone’s in a hurry, you don’t know, and you have two choices. You can get all worked up, upset about it, or you can just, do what, smile, be happy and move and carry on. You don’t actually know what that person’s going through and possibly going down to per se, their level at that point in time isn’t going to make the situation better. It’s just going to throw you into a bad mood. 

And you never know, by you being happy, smiling and just maybe positive. Someone cuts you off, just smile and let them go through. That can actually help turn their day around. In the holiday times there’s everyone going through multiple different things, highs and lows. 

What can you do to control yourself to just make sure you’re sending those positive vibes out there, and possibly creating some positivity in someone else’s life. That maybe then they’ll spiral on to someone else.

I hope we motivated you for the next week and the coming weeks to just, if something, someone’s negative, grumpy, something, just try to throw in a smile and just see if you can turn theirs around, or help them out. It’s not going to hurt you anyways. Have a Huggable Week.

Copied from Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays


Create great Routines and great Habits.

The thought of the day is facts of life, I guess, we’ll call it is you’re not always going to be motivated. You’re not always going to be inspired. Life is going to happen. There’s going to be fears. There’s things that are going to come around. You’re going to have worries. Something may happen that’s out of your control. But one thing we can control is routines and habits. 

So if you start creating great routines, great habits, those things that happen throughout life won’t create any sort of spiral effect, won’t hold you up. It’ll help you continue on with your goals that you want to reach and anything you have going on. 

Think about the routines and habits you have and create the good ones so that when there’s stress of life, or just when life happens, it doesn’t throw you off the ball. 

Have a Huggable Week.

Copied from Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays

Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays November 18, 2019

“Change Nothing, nothing will change.”

What are we doing that sabotages ourselves? Our routine in the morning, our routine at night, something that we just haven’t contemplate and we don’t change it, but yet you might get frustrated all the time. So as you’re going throughout the week, do you find yourself in the same situation constantly, where maybe it should be changed up? 

So just as you’re going throughout the week kind of self think about that. When you get to a point of maybe being stressed, or you’re running late and going, “Okay, what caused this?” Maybe what caused it last time and the time before that, and if it’s the same continual thing, it may be time for a change.

If we change nothing, nothing will change. So as you’re going through your life and things get growing, getting bigger and more positive, sometimes change does need to happen. 

Hope you have a Motivational Week.

Copied from Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays

Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays November 12, 2019

“Some people complain you have changed,” answer, “Yes, I didn’t work this hard not to change.” 

I think that as you’re going forward and you are trying to grow, learn, maybe become more positive, there’s going to be those out there that are going to complain about your changing, but that’s what you’re working for. You don’t want someone to say, “Oh yeah, you’re the exact same as you were five years ago. Maybe it looks wise if you’re looking younger, but as a personal growth and as you’re growing, you want to grow as the time goes on, week to week. 

 But as people keep going year to year and you see someone again in two, three years, you want them to leave that conversation going, “Wow, look at the change they’ve done. Look what they are doing here, how it’s going on.

So think of that as a positive. When someone’s complaining you’re changing, as long as it’s in a positive way, think of that as a positive and take it as a compliment. Have a Huggable Week.

Copied from Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays


“Little Reminders”

Little Reminders

Like this Motorvational Monday you watch, it’s just a little bit of assistance for you on your motivation or for doing something positive as you’re going on. It could be as simple as a quote that’s on your desk. A quote on your desk or in your house,’s not going to change your life, however, it is a little reminder of something positive or something that kind of takes you back to what you want to do or where you’re heading. Unfortunately, that also works with a little bit of negativity we see constantly. 

So throughout this week, just watch. It’s what you’re reading, what you’re thinking, what you’re constantly seeing, and if it seems to be more negativity than positivity, it may be time to unfollow some friends or change what you’re watching or maybe like or follow people on Twitter that are positive and motivational. 

Have those more constant reminders throughout the week. 

I hope we motivated you today to think about the Little Things to Keep You Motivated. Have a Huggable Day.

Copied from Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays


“Do what you say you’re going to do, when you said you were going to do it.”

As you’re going through this week and I guess in the future now that we’re talking about this, is get those things done. When you tell somebody you’re going to do something in a certain time or at a certain time, within general, do it. Be a person that’s not, it’s not basically a lie when you’re saying what you’re going to do, even if it’s something you’re telling yourself. 

When you’re telling yourself something like “Oh, I’m going to get the shed cleaned up this weekend,” how many weekends in a row did you say you were going to do it? So it just becomes something that we almost are telling a lie to ourselves, or it’s almost like a lie to other people, and when you’re okay breaking those types of things continuously, what else is it affecting in your life? The thing you’re breaking could maybe just be a minor thing, does it really matter if the maybe the shed doesn’t get done? Not sure, but don’t say you’re going to do it, because it’s just that repeated, I guess, being okay with the breaking that can really hinder your life as you’re going forward and growing. So I just, I hope we’ve motivated you this week to kind of think of those things you’re committing to or just think of what’s coming out of your mouth and don’t make those commitments if you’re not going to follow through. I hope you Have a Huggable Week.

Copied from Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays


“Start organizing with one shelf at a time.”

Yes, it’s not necessarily about organizing your house, but it could be. It could be the garage, it could be something in life, it could be eating healthy, it could be reading more. It could be anything. Sometimes, when we think of things we get so overwhelmed that we choose to do about 20 other things besides maybe what we should or want to do. That just keeps downing us, and downing us. 

I am reading this book and says to start one shelf at a time. If you do want to clean up your whole house, don’t think about your whole house. Don’t organize and do fall cleaning. Start with one shelf. You want to start being healthier? Don’t think of three weeks’ worth of healthy food and three weeks’ worth of workouts. Start with the next meal. You want to start reading more, but you’re thinking, “Oh, how am I going to read a 350 page book?” Just start by buying a book and reading the first page. 

It’s funny, if you just start with that one shelf or that one little momentum, you’ll probably do two or three. The next day you’ll do two or three more, and then you’ll create your own habit of doing that and clearing that up. 

I’ve hopefully motivated you today to start with one shelf metaphorically in whatever it is you want to accomplish this week, this month, and the following months. Have a Huggable Day. 

Copied from Chelsea’s Motorvational Mondays